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Shipping eBay Products Internationally

One of the most popular platforms for those who are looking to buy and sell items internationally is eBay. This platform has been around for years and has already proven its ability when it comes to shipping to eBay international sites. For those who would like to ship items internationally through eBay, there are a few simple steps to follow.

First, the account needs to be enabled to sell items internationally. The eBay account needs to be in good standing. This means the account cannot have had any strikes against it or have been reprimanded by the eBay administrators recently. Of course, the PayPal account also has to be real and have been verified. Then, the eBay account will need to develop a good track record. This includes having been active and opened for at least three months and have earned at least ten feedback points as a high-quality seller.

Next, the account needs to sell items that are eligible to be sold internationally. There are a few types of items that cannot be sold internationally. These include video games, DVDs, movies, vehicles, weapons, hunting knives, and cars. There are strict international rules and regulations that prevent someone from selling these knives overseas.

If someone would like to sell eligible items overseas, there are a few additional steps to follow. It is recommended that the account specify which locations it would like to ship to. This includes shipping items specifically to the United Kingdom, all of Europe, or other places on Earth. Specifying where the account is going to ship to is a good idea because this will help the account display higher when someone is looking for something using eBay search results.

Finally, in order to add international shipping to the listings of the specific account, there are a few final clicks to make. First, set the account to show international services and options. Then, make sure to save this as an option. Next, choose to use either a flat rate or a calculated rate for shipping. A flat rate shipping means that it will cost the same regardless of the destination. A calculated rate means that shipping costs will change depending on the destination. Finally, select the countries the account can ship to from the destinations tab. This will complete the process and allow the account to ship internationally. It will also display the possible destinations to the buyer.

Following these steps will help an account be able to ship internationally. Because eBay is a trusted site, those who sell items internationally through eBay are likely to develop loyal customers who are going to come back for repeat business. eBay has developed a long and successful track record of helping individuals and businesses set up reliable eCommerce international shipping purchases.