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The Supply Chain of the Medical Field

Medical logistics is the organization and implementation of the complex field of medicine. It deals with pharmaceuticals, medical materials, surgical supplies, medical equipment, and any other product that may help in medicine. Medical logistics are designed to help doctors, nurses, dentists, and other healthcare providers, such as a medical assistant.

Medical logistics tend to focus more on effectiveness rather than efficiency. In medicine, it is more important that things be effective because people’s lives would be put at risk by ineffective materials. Placing effectiveness over efficiency ends up making healthcare providers more efficient in the end. With effective supplies, health care providers do not need to worry as much about bad materials.

Without medical logistics, healthcare systems would crumble. Staff costs are the most expensive part of health care, but medical supplies are the second most expensive cost for every healthcare practice. Recently, medical logistics is beginning to create steps that reduce the overall cost of healthcare. Things flow from medical supplies to biomedical/clinical engineering to facilities management.

Medical logistics is performed by a director of logistics. Directors of logistics have a Master of Business Administration or a Master of Science degree. The median pay for a director of logistics is $102,166. Most people who enter the field of logistics have a high job satisfaction.

Directors of logistics oversee and approve all logistical activity for their company or practice. The goal is to reduce the cost of supplies while maximizing profits. They will analyze previous logistical data, and then compare that data with more recent data. This process helps them create a solid plan towards achieving their goal.

Some of the tasks of a director of logistics include meeting time and financial deadlines for getting medical supplies. They also keep a good relationship with the supplies providers. Directors of logistics create and manage computer programs and physical systems to help keep costs low and profits high.

In some cases, a medical practice or company may seek to hire an individual director of logistics. Some medical practices or companies choose to use a medical logistics management group. A group such as this will have employees that are trained to handle all sorts of medical logistics areas.

Rather than having to vet an individual, a management team will already have done that. OSHA required training will be ensured. HIPAA Compliance training will be ensured. Biohazard issues training will be ensured. Management companies will only hire people who have had the proper educational training and degrees. Medical logistics management teams can be a nice way to ensure the logistics of a practice work well.

Medical logistics are an important piece to every medical practice or medical company. Without proper organization, doctors and other healthcare providers would have no way to do their jobs and caring for patients with the best resources possible. Medical logistics deal with all the organization of medical supplies in the field of medicine. Medical logistics are performed by trained professionals with a graduate degree in logistics.