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Top 5 Types Of Shades For Your Business Office

One of the best alternatives to traditional window treatments like blinds, drapes, and curtains is shades. The reason why is because it’s easier to continue the amount of light that enters your room at one time with shades, which makes them a particularly great option for your business option.

Shades are also an excellent choice for controlling how much privacy you want as well. That being said, not all types of shades are created equally, and there are different kinds of shades for you to choose from.

Here are the top five types of shades for your business office, presented in alphabetical order:

Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades are also known as cellular shades. They are perhaps the simplest kind of shades and are available in a wide variation of fabrics. These fabrics come in numerous kinds of colors, with some being designed to darken a room and others more focused on filtering the amount of light.

You can also choose between single celled, double celled, and triple celled honeycomb shades. The difference between these different kinds of shades is that the more cells you have, the more insulation you will provide for your room.

Roller Shades

The next kind of shade we will discuss are called roller shades. Roller shades are designed primarily to filter the amount of soft light that enters your room. They come in room darkening or sheer weave varieties, which permit more light to enter a room.

Another benefit to roller shades is how easy they are to raise or lower, and either can be done in one smooth motion. Overall, roller shades are an excellent option for maintaining privacy in a room while also allowing your preferred amount of light to enter.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are also called Roman blinds. If you want to bring a sleek look to your business office, then Roman shades will definitely be the way to go. They are also incredibly easy to install, and the pleats will fold flat when they are pulled up.

Solar Shades

If you have a room that faces the sun and you need to have full control over the amount of light that enters, your best option will be solar shades. They are made out of sheer weaves that help reduce the glare of the sun while also diffusing the light so the sun’s UV rays do not damage your furniture.

Woven Wood Shades

Last but not least, woven wood shades come in a wide variety of different designs, but all are built out of natural woven woods that will add an overall natural look to your business office. Most woven wood shades are built out of bamboo, and are designed to completely block out the sun’s light when they are closed.

Choosing Shades For Your Business Office

All in all, these are the top five best shades for your business office. Whichever particular kind you want should be based on your personal preferences and what you think will be more suitable in your office.

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