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Social Networking Sites You Should be Using

Social networking sites have grown and progressed throughout the years. You can expect them to expand and flourish even more as time goes on, with old trends dying and new ones making a new for themselves. Before Twitter and Facebook took over the web, LiveJournal and MySpace were popular with users. While these sites are still in use, it’s the following social networking sites you may want to think about adding to your preference list.



Social Content Marketing is the wave of the future and while we are in Beta currently, this site is going to be the center of influence very soon for Social interaction while spreading your message throughout the internet. Join early and visit often as the updates come out.


Quickly becoming one of the most popular social networking sites, Pinterest provides users with helpful visual content. Whether you’re looking for a recipe using chocolate chips or you want to showcase your favorite cowhide rug and find accent pieces for your den, Pinterest has it all. With over 10 million visitors per month, its pinboard platform allows users to capture favorite images and personally organize and categorize them. Pinterest Advertising is insanely powerful and well priced too. Absolutely consider Pinterest Advertising to get in front of one of the most powerful networks. Definately consider how to Generate Leads on Pinterest


Business connections are extremely important when you’re trying to make your company a success. LinkedIn is a great social media outlet for professionals who are trying to connect with other career minded individuals. Ranked right up there with Facebook, Google and Twitter, individuals find it a useful site for self-promotion, outlining their work experience, education and promoting their business. You can also post job opportunities or apply for a job through the networking site.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you may know that Facebook is one of the highest used social media networks on the Internet. While most use it as a way to show off their families and keep in touch with friends, it’s also a great site for promoting your business. Facebook has been alone in the spotlight for years, so it’s going to take something really big to knock it out of the number one slot.


Just like Facebook, Twitter has also been one of the most popular ways for people to share news in the media. It’s also the perfect platform for cellphone users because it’s an easy outlet for individuals wanting to share news by way of tweets. However, it can also get people in a lot of trouble, especially stars and celebrities. Before you share somethings that is on your mind, you want to make sure the information is useful and non-offensive.


Google+ made its debut in 2011 as one of the fastest growing social media sites on the Internet. While Google Buzz and Google Wave may have failed, the search bigwig finally hit the mark when they created something that generates buzz with the consumer.


When users are looking to share or watch online video content, the only obvious choice after Google has been YouTube. The site is easily recognized as one of the most popular social media resources where users can share music, videos of bloopers, spills and falls and showcase talented and popular individuals doing absolutely nothing. As the videos make the rounds, posters are gaining popularity and accolades for their bravery, stupidity and intelligence.


For those who do a lot of photo sharing, Instagram is gaining in popularity among its users. Whether you want to post real-time pictures or short videos, the app goes beyond iOS to Windows Phone and Android. In 2012, Instagram was purchased for a whopping price of $1 billion.


Snapchat is another popular social media site that is solely mobile-based. While it’s one of the quickest growing social media apps to hit the Internet in recent months, its popularity is based on the format that the images or videos that you post will soon self-destruct after viewed. It’s especially popular with teens and young adults.

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