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4 LinkedIn Marketing Tips to Succeed as a Small Business

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are not defined based on the type of audience they attract. Almost anyone can be drawn to these social networks. They can be considered ‘general’ social networks. LinkedIn is a unique social network because it is focused on professionals. Its users are typically professionals and their goal is to build more connections and showcase their professional skills, achievements, and experience. 

As a small business owner or manager, LinkedIn has an important place in your marketing campaign. Find out what statistics have to say about this platform and what marketing strategies can help you get ahead here.

Key LinkedIn Statistics

Before you learn about LinkedInmarketingtips, it is important to know about some important statistics related to this unique social network:

So if you are not promoting your brand already on LinkedIn, this is the right time to take the leap. 

LinkedIn Marketing Tips

LinkedIn is not similar to most other social networks. You will have to follow some innovative strategies to make the most of it. You can start by using the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, but you will need some creative strategies too.

i. Stay on Your Customers’ Minds

It is not just enough to generate one time business from your customers. You should make them repeat customers or clients. 

  • Reach out to potential customers who meet your criteria
  • Introduce your brand and stay in regular touch with them
  • Find users who have shown interest in your products or services and stay in touch with them
  • Periodic LinkedIn blog posts and daily status updates should help you stay in front of their eyes and on their minds
  • Send out monthly emails to share useful information about the problems you can solve
  • Invite them to webinars or offer white papers

ii. Grow Your Email Marketing List

You should grow your email marketing list to promote your business on this platform. Create compelling emails to invite your audience to connect with you. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator can be helpful in this area.

This strategy helps in creating an email list for branding and promoting your messages. LinkedIn has put a cap on the number of messages can be sent simultaneously. Make sure to include sign-up links within your emails. Make sure to communicate the value proposition in your message:

  • Let them know what they will get when they sign-up for your emails
  • Offer to look at some of their information to help build goodwill

iii. Create & Post Quality Content

Content is king on LinkedIn as well. It seems that you cannot fail with quality content anywhere. It can be targeted and should help you achieve multiple goals on this social network.  

  • It should help your audience learn how to resolve an issue or how to do a task better.
  • It can help in establishing you as a thought leader in your niche.

If you can provide genuine value, the result is increased business. 

iv. JoinRelevant Groups

You should not only join active groups, you should also stay active there. This is an effective way to grow your target audience and connections. 

  • You can directly reach out to your audience
  • Offer recommendations about their relevant decisions
  • Any update in a group sends out notifications to all members

It is always recommended to join groups that match your target demographic. This will allow you to both reach out with your message and get a window to what your audience is talking about.

So make sure to include these LinkedIn marketing strategies into your overall marketing plan. While many marketing tools for this platform can be expensive to use, being innovative can help you achieve your desired goals while keeping your strategies cost-effective.