Social Media Marketing

5 Effective Social Media Promotion Techniques

Startups and small companies often think that social media can help them grow their business and produce desired results. However, the fact is that every social media promotion requires the right technique and strategy to take business to the next level. Every startup has a different budget, goal and target audience and therefore startups have to keep in mind that they have to plan their social media promotions that would help them to maximize their profit without investing lot of money. This means that social media promotion techniques differ and you have to use the right ones to make things work for your business.

Here are 5 effective social media promotion techniques that you can try out:

Targeting the Right Audience

If you don’t know your target audience, you’re bound to fail. Identifying your potential customers should be at the base of your social media promotion. Even before you start promoting your business on various social media platforms you have to be clear about whom you want to target. This requires research and understanding people through their tweets and if they will be interested in knowing more about your business. Targeting the right audience can help you to save lot of time and make the most out of your social media promotions. On the other hand, if not done correctly, it could seem like a spam because you’re targeting audience who are not interested in what you’re offering. This will ruin your efforts, reputation and eventually your business.

Build Your Brand

Brand building cannot be done or achieved overnight and therefore requires patience. For this you will need to engage your audience and eventually build up followers, visitors and trust. Make sure you do not push too much of content all the time, but at the same time your social media profile has constant communication to keep your page active. Brand building will help your startup to own popularity and trust. Although, it will not offer immediate push in sales, but in the long term it will offer stability and success.

Social Bookmarking

When you are putting up more content for your visitors, followers and customers you also share them through other resources like Digg, StumbleUpon and Delicious. The objective of social bookmarking is to get more reach and improve website page ranking, driving more online traffic to your startup website. Social bookmarking sites can really help you to get lot of traffic thus boosting your business in a relatively short time.

Marketing Gamification

Viral content can give your startup the right boost that it needs. Creating a viral content requires lot of thought process and planning on how you will execute it and indirectly promote your brand. This is the next level of social media promotion and therefore this kind of campaign requires money that you need to invest. With the help of viral content or video you can reach out to millions and ensure better brand visibility. During marketing gamification you also have to keep in mind that since you’re not talking about your startup, you will have to connect it well with your company. This way when the visitors view or read the content they clearly think of the campaign, but connect it with your company.

Bringing Top Influencers

Another social media promotion technique that would cost you some money is identifying the top influencers that can help you to build your brand in the market. Top influencers are usually the popular bloggers, video makers and tweeters that have their own market value and they come together to promote your brand. It is recommended that you focus on brand building first before using the power of top influencers to your business advantage. Top influencers can bring in their own traffic to your website and that improves market visibility and conversion rates since it is through trusted referral.

While there are many social media promotion techniques that you can use for your startup, you need to recognize the right one and execute it one at a time for steady growth.