Social Media Marketing

Eight Ways Using Social Media will Supercharge your Small Business

If you’re a small business without a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page, then you’re doing it wrong. In this age of Social Media mania, there’s a sea of sites than anyone who’s anyone is logged into; either jump on board or be left behind. Here’s eight reasons you’ll be missing out if you don’t…


  • Get in their heads

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest (to name a few) – there are so many social media outlets. Make sure you have an account on each and every one and instantly get your business name out there. If you regularly post quotes, pictures, and information, customers scrolling through their timelines with their morning coffee will have you in mind subconsciously throughout the day.


  • Free market research

Yes, market research is a great tool for any small business to utilise, after all, finding out exactly what the customer wants is the key to success in any industry. But market research costs a lot of money, and if you’re a small business just starting out, chances are you won’t have the funds to spare. With tools such as ‘Facebook Insights’ on Hootsuite you can uncover a goldmine of facts such as the dominant languages spoken among your audience as well as their age and gender. This knowledge will enable you to cater campaigns especially for your target audience. This in turn means more customers and more profits.


  • Find new customers

Small businesses can use social networks such as Twitter to expand their customer base! A new juice bar can use Hootsuite to create a geo-search and find people local to them tweeting about where they go for their post-workout juice fix. Once located, it’s easy for the business to reach out to them and invite them over to try a juice. And one will usually lead to two, or three…
Tweeting directly feels personal, thus you’re likely to attract an instant customer base. Furthermore, use the Facebook and twitter ‘geo-targeting tool to target a demographic in a specific location. Want to send out a post to people living in Paris? Geo-locating is an easy way to do this.


  • Share content faster

Second only to social media sites is the powerful tool of blogging. Any business can create great content, but ensuring it reaches the most people possible is a job for social media. Share your content on all your business’ social media sites – use trending hashtags and watch your followers grow and grow.


  • Increase your web ranking 

SEO has become a bit of a buzzword of late. Company website? Check. Now you just need to get it up in those Google rankings! And the easiest way to do that is to direct people to your website through the use of social media and get your content shared. The more retweets you get on your company twitter or people linking to your website, the higher you’ll be in the Google rankings, and that means more potential clients!


  • Get ahead of your competitors

Did you know you can use social media intelligence to monitor your competitors’ progress? Create search streams on mentions of your competitors name or product and use this key information to find something that they may have missed and use it to your advantage.


  • Appeal to people’s visuals

Running a business focussed on visuals? A food, fashion or beauty business would benefit greatly from sharing mood boards on Pinterest. Share beautiful pictures of your product and allow other users to pin it to boards, giving you instant, and most importantly free, exposure.


  •  Use it as a FREE learning tool

Ever heard of Cambridge Satchel Company? Now 12 million a year business with a flagship store in Covent Garden, this company had humble beginnings – £600 and access to YouTube, to be exact.  Julie Deane used videos on YouTube and social media tips on how to start an internet business and voila, four years later and her bags are best sellers with A-list fans such as Alexa Chung, Elle Fanning and Fearne Cotton. This is a perfect example of how you can use social media as free training and have serious success.

In addition to free learning tools, there are also many paid places to learn. One such place is The Knowledge Academy, They offer Prince 2 training, ITIL Training, Six Sigma training and MSP Training just to name a few.


And there you have it. 8 reasons why you’d be positively mad not to use social media for the advancement of your business! You can thank us later…



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