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How Many Social Media Platforms Should You Promote Your Brand In 2020?

It’s with no doubt that social media platforms are now taking the lead when it comes to marketing and brand advertisements.

Part of the reason why there is a significant shift from traditional methods of marketing and advertisement included the fact, majority of the people in the world spend their time online.

We no longer spend much time watching and listening to TV or radio much of our time is spent surfing the internet either for entertainment or for sourcing information.

Statistics have it that over 92% of marketers prefer social media platforms over traditional methods for their brand promotion.

So, as a marketer, if you are not in social media, you are missing out on huge opportunities. There are however overwhelmingly many platforms to choose from.

Deciding on what best fits your brand promotion can be challenging. According to experts from BuyTrueFollowers, answer is going to depend on several factors. Here is a top list of social media platforms that are going to push your brand promotion a notch higher.  


Facebook was the pioneering social media platform and still leads the rest of the platforms in many aspects.

With over 2.2 billion active users and a bunch of marketing demographics, Facebook is the king of social media.

Running your brand promotion on Facebook has a great return on investment because you stand to gain not only from the numbers but also from great targeting options that have Facebook offers.


If you are looking out to reaching out to people with a lot of immediacies then twitter is the platform to choose for your promotions.

Twitter enables you to reach out to your audience with prompt announcements, in the moment information, breaking news, and other important messages regarding your promotion.

The platform relatively has more to over in terms of demographics which you can tap to accelerate your promotion goals.


If your promotion deals more in visual content then Instagram should be your selected choice. In fact, as of currently rating Instagram has gained popularity like no other social media platforms, it is the most preferred platform for most marketers.

Why not give it a try? Just like Facebook Instagram now has over 1 billion active users, additionally, it has great marketing tools which harness to push your promotion campaign ahead.

InternetMarketingRocks provide you perfect marketing strategies for Instagram.


The Microsoft owned platform is widely known to connect professionals across the globe. But besides the fact that it especially designed for professionals, many businesses to business marketers are using the platform to reach its large pool of users.

LinkedIn gives you several demographics which you can use to your advantage as you run your brand promotions.  


YouTube is another ideal platform you can use to push your brand promotion ahead. YouTube boats as the largest video sharing platform. Every passing day YouTubers watch a total of over 1 billion hours of watching.

With these numbers, YouTube becomes the best platform for reaching targeted consumers through creative video format content. What is more? This is just a top list, for the number of platforms that you can use, use as many as possible you are not li