Social Media Marketing

How to Build Up Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

There is no doubt that social media marketing strategy is an important part of promotions. But the thing is, you don’t have to be on every social media platform to reach the right audience.

Engaging with a limited social network will be more effective instead of wasting your time with all of them. So, here is the guide that will help you to choose the right social media platform for your business.

Part 1. How to Select Right Social Media Platform for Your Business:

To select the right social media platform, you have to employ a precise and calculated social media marketing strategy. So, here are some aspects that you need to look after in order to select the right social media platform.

1: Understand the Purpose of Each Platform:

Before you go on the spree to create an account on every social media platform that has ever existed, stop and think. Learn about the purpose of each social media platform and how they will be useful for your business.

All platforms have the main type of promotional strategy. YouTube is a video-based platform, Instagram is visual, Yelp is for reviews, Pinterest is for visual inspiration, etc. All platforms are built on a purpose basis, therefore, it is important that you know the purpose.

2: Pick the Right Audience:

You can’t think that the product or service that you are selling will be suitable for all age groups. Sometimes, businesses make big mistakes by promoting the products and services in front of the wrong audience.

When you are selling anti-wrinkle or anti-aging cream, it is obvious that you have to target the audience who are really dealing with the issues. Instead, they promote all over the platform wasting their resources and efforts. Thus, targeting the right audience is very important.

When your target is millennials, choosing Instagram or Snapchat would be the right decision. When you want to connect with the local community, Facebook will help you in the motto and so on.

3: The Numbers Don’t Lie:

No business has ever set their goals to a limited audience. Hence, you should look out for the number of users of a platform to analyze what platform would be suitable for your brand.

Take an example like this, people who are in the fashion industry look out for Pinterest and Instagram posts. Almost 93% of Pinterest users have accepted the fact they prefer using Pinterest for purchases as compared to other social media platforms.

So, look out for the numbers and you will have an idea which platform you should use.

4: Know About Your Competitors:

Looking at the big picture is very important for your business. When you are establishing a business, there is no doubt that you will already have several competitors.

So, you should smartly plan the social media marketing strategy like hiring a popular Influencer. Keep a complete record of all your competitors so that you can identify their negative points and use them for your growth.

5: Consistency is the Key:

Once you have looked out for the number, created a report, and narrowed down the list of tools, it is time to analyze your own skillset.

Make sure that your employees and tools are consistent in their work. This will help you to build a reputation among the marketers and your customers will appreciate the consistency.

6: Avoid Cross-Posting:

Even popular brands make this mistake. They end up posting the same content throughout their profiles which looks odd, redundant, and lazy. It is a challenge to decide which content should go on which platform.

Each platform is utilized differently, so, you should know the suitable tool for your business.

7: Define the Objective of Social Media Precisely:

We all know that using Social media is important for business growth. But your objective is as much important as social media. Without deciding what your main goal is, the promotions will be useless.

Are you trying to grow the customer base, spread the word, or engage with the customers? Don’t forget to perform an audit of your business and define the main objective for using social media.

8: Identify Your Resources and Skills:

When you are executing a master social media marketing strategy, your resources and skill set has a big role to play. It is obvious that different set of skills will be required to operate different platforms. Therefore, it is important to align your needs with the skills you own.

Whether it is Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or Snapchat, all platforms have their own respective value in the market.

Once you decide which platform is perfect for your business, you can consider taking help from management tool too.

Part 2. How to Select A Right Social Media Influencer for Your Business:

When you are running a business, it is hard to keep track of everything. There are lots of things business have to take care of and the competition on social media is increasing day by day.

Therefore, apart from coming up with the most effective social media marketing strategy, it is important that you know the importance of finding the right Influencer too.

Lucky for you, InflueNex can help you. It is a specifically designed YouTube-based Influencer search engine. It will allow you to find the potential YouTube Influencers so that they can endorse your products.

The main highlights of the tool include:

  • Influencer Search and Match
  • Data Analytics
  • YouTube Creators Compilation
  • In-App Influencer Engagement

As you know the features available in this tool, it is important that you know how to use it too. So, here is the guide to use InflueNex to find the right Social Media Influencer for your business:

Step 1: Start with Keyword Search:

Once you create an account for InflueNex, you can start with the search right away. You will find the search box on the top and you only have to type the relevant keywords and tags in the field that will help you to locate the Influencer for you and your business.

Step 2: Use Filters for the Search:

There are more than enough filters in the search such as category, language, country, price range, subscriber count, activity range, etc.

These filters help you to narrow down your search and find a suitable match. You can use the parameters to better search results.

Step 3: Choose the Influencer from Results:

As you hit the search button, results will appear on the screen. Scroll down unless you find the right person that interests you. Click on their tab and see the analytics prepared by InflueNex.

Step 4: Invite the Influencer:

As you click on the Influencer name, you will be directed to the dashboard with the analytics page. Once you are ready to make contact, just click on the Send Invite button.

Step 5: Fill In the Parameters:

The invite will direct you to a new page where you have to fill in several parameters. You have to provide information including Product name, URL, your company information, email subject, and the body in the invitation. Make sure that you create the perfect written invitation for the Influencer.

Finally, tap on the Send button and InflueNex will connect you with the Influencer right away.


In this article, you learned about effective social media marketing strategies. But now, along with the strategies, you have your hands on the most reliable and useful search tool for Influencers.

Typically, it is hard to find Influencers who are not already connected with a brand. But InflueNex can help you to find the best-suited support with minimum efforts.