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How to Properly Use Photos in Your Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing should rely on visually rich content to literally stand out from the crowd. The challenge for many businesses is the time and effort it takes to create such content. Some also are having an issue on when and how they should be using pictures as part of their marketing. Definately consider Pinterest Advertising as a powerful way to test out your images as well. Here are a few tips on how to use photos in your social media marketing.

Add Rich Visual Images That Fit the Message

It is standard advice to use proprietary and professionally shot photos on your website and social media profiles to promote your product. Or you can use others’ images to save time and effort. You could also go on a site like Burst and find stock photos you can use anyway you like with unlimited licensing rights.

Note that you’ll hurt your social media marketing campaign if you put images that are only tangentially related to your message or content. Another factor to consider is that it doesn’t have to be an either-or proposition.  Pinterest Advertising is the perfect place to test this! You could have one prominent image of your product supplemented by two or three stock photos later down on the page to keep the visitor engaged.

Relate Stock Images to Your Message

One way to promote your product or brand is to share a meme or common stock image while writing a message related to your product. While this method may be a hit or miss, a nicely framed meme could also go viral.

Another alternative would be to use generic stock images with a general message to your benefit. For example, any independent book store can share on social media an image with the title “support your local independent bookstore” or “shop at local small businesses on Small Business Saturday”. Now you’re reminding people to support businesses like yours.

Provide Stock Photos Yourself

One potential social media marketing solution is to create images that promote your products and services before making them available as stock photos for others to use. These images should be completely distinct from those used on your own website or marketing campaigns. This does raise the risk of your photos being used for negative memes or humorous pieces, but images of people in daily life carrying your product could end up promoting your product to people who’ve never heard of your brand.

Another option is providing publicly available images of events such as a photo of your team in their branded T-shirts providing charitable goods at an event. Now the image of your people and the clear association with your brand could go viral as the go-to image for that event.

Images can really boost your social media efforts if you’re doing it right. You can use stock photos to supplement a few proprietary photos on your website and social media profiles or use them to subtly promote your business. Either way, they can be a valuable tool for making your social media profiles stand out and catch the attention of your readers.

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  • Stock Images is the key!, i used to have copyrighted stuff back in the day, and i was ranking poorly on them!, stock is a must! it made most of the changes for my pages 😀