Social Media Marketing

Powerful Pitches: Your Guide to Interacting with a Social Media Audience

There’s no doubt about it – social media has become an extremely popular avenue for various purposes. One of these is, for businesses, to interact and engage with your intended target market. But it’s not as easy as it sounds.

When it comes to engaging the audience, your brand may need more than just exposure. With tons of content circulating the web, how can you stand out?

The answer is to tap into your audience’s emotions. Interacting with followers and already-loyal clients by appealing to their emotions is the best way to win them over.

Here are few tips on pitching powerful social media campaigns that will touch your audience’s hearts:

  1. Tap into Current Trends


The safest way to appeal to people’s emotions is to build on something that they already know. That said, current trends are the closest things to people’s hearts. They are what interest the crowd, and they can definitely be of use in your social media campaigns.

The good thing about social media is that you can see people’s reactions right away. Hashtags and sections for trending topics make it easy to track these popular themes and events.

For instance, when Pokémon Go was released, plenty of marketers quickly saw the opportunity to launch their online campaigns to eager audiences. Riding on the trend doesn’t mean you’ll always be visible. Stay creative and think up new ideas, whether it’s on your own or with the help of professionals like Scholaradvisor.

The trend should only serve as a base for a more structured and solid campaign.

  1. Use Positive Emotions


While negative or dark emotions can create a general impact, you don’t want audiences associating these negative feelings with your brand. More positive emotions like empathy, joy, and hope, are preferable in reaching out to a wide audience.

These generally good feelings are easier to take in and more interesting for people. If you want to give a strong message out there, you can still do so. Just make sure to end on a positive note to reel your audience back to a hopeful end.

Take Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign as an example. The campaign went viral through all social media platforms after breaking down established beauty stereotypes. Though it initially played on the idea of women needing to conform, it later on delivered a strong but positive message. This instantly clicked with an international audience and spread across networks.

Positivity can make just as strong an impact on others. In fact, on social media, a widespread influence can be expected when you make use of it.

  1. Address the Audience Directly

People don’t want to feel like you’re talking to a generic audience. They want a message they feel is especially customized for them.

This doesn’t mean that you have to manually craft these campaigns, though. Analytics can provide you the data you need in a matter of seconds. You’ll only need to break it down to get to a conclusion where you can craft a suitable message.

A few examples would be personalized ads that are tweaked to include the viewer’s name. Another successful social media campaign that directly engages the audience are contests and giveaways to loyal clients. Pinterest Advertising is a great place to do this.

Try a more direct approach to make them interested, active, and immersed in your brand.

  1. Ask Thought-Provoking Questions


A good call-to-action statement doesn’t always have to be a literal statement. Sometimes it can come in the form of something more creative…like a question.

Questions pique the audience’s interest and stimulate them to make their own conclusions. It’s not just a way to evoke strong emotions from your target market. It’s also a way to get them to make their own conclusions about your brand.

These can be after-thoughts to each statement, like brief prompts. For example, a commonly used question is “Why Wait?” This lets audiences reassess their current options, and hopefully root for you as the better choice in the end.

5. Consistently Get in Front of Your Ideal Clients

One of our favorite places to do this is with Pinterest Advertising.  Pinterest is a powerful platform that has tons of great niches for amazing folks looking for all kinds of current trends.  Absolutely consider Pinterest Advertising as a powerful part of your social media marketing strategy.

The Takeaway: Perfect Connections

The best way to convince someone to listen to your brand narrative is by reaching out to their emotions. Use the power of emotions for a perfect social media campaign today!