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Social Account Setup on Your New Brand or Business

With Feedster like every other site we are having to build out everything and I knew it would be helpful to me if or when I do this again. So to save the information I put together this post on exactly how to create all the Social Accounts on your brand or business.

I wouldn’t be doing you justice unless I pointed you to the places I found the tools I am using.

Social Media Account Creation
Social Media Account Creation

Tools to Setup Accounts and Utilize the Tools to Grow Your Website

This post by buffer is absolutely amazing!

List of All List. Wikipedia has a complete list of Social Media Networking websites that you have to be a part of. This is a great place to start and open all the accounts. Skip to number 3 first as it has useful tips on opening those accounts.

Matthew Woodward is a blogger who focuses on SEO and websites. His blog has grown tremendously mainly because he has placed great content out and then promoted it using a very cool tool. BuzzBundle. We own this software and plan on following Matthew’s post to the T. Hopefully we can even get Matthew to come over and do a guest post at some point.

This little tool is a great resource but his tutorial had to be included because of the success that the product has gained him.

Great initial setup post that walks through the major lifting needed to gain your brand on social media, YouTube, Google Plus etc… Great tips that are simple to use and really get your started on the most important places to place your Brands Profile.

Social Media Today has a ton of great post but this is a list that can, much like the first post, help you find extra places to place your brand.

List on list on list. While I don’t know how important it is to place your branded social media account on every Social Media Platform out there, I didn’t want to take any chances. So I went through and made a spreadsheet with each list (alphabetical) so that I could make sure I got everyone of them.

There is another option to opening all the accounts and making the banners, pictures, etc…

Build Social Media Accounts for Your New Brand or Website
Build Your Social Media Account For Your New Brand

Busy Launching Your Brand? Buy Services To Open Social Media Accounts

Services that will open all the accounts and set them up for you with cost.

Want to open the accounts yourself? This tool can help speed that process up a lot. I was worried about learning to operate the system. I was also worried about the various Captcha Solving etc… Still a cool piece of software.


Helpful Tools that will help you gain traffic and grow your Social Media. – With a freemium option or $10 bucks a month this is a real ace tool. If you think about creating multiple social media account with each social media platform. This is really a gem of a find and their blog is stuffed full of super great information.

Want to know how they grew that blog? This is a great “case study” type post from a very cool tool. While Cognitive SEO’s tool is not helpful for creating and posting on social media, they did go through how it helps with SEO and how Bufferapp utilized their blog and social to do just that. Get a ton of links and grow their web presence.

Final Notes about Social Media

Remember to research as there are a ton of places that you can find tools, methods, and even tricks to gain, grow, and engage your followers. Social Media can drive a ton of traffic to your site and is a staple now for Business and Brand Owners. Your website and stats will thank you for taking your social media seriously.

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