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Kicksta Review: Grow Your Instagram Followers

Instagram can be tough when it comes to How to Get Real Followers on Instagram. If you’re not up on the latest trends and methods, you’re always at risk of falling behind.

At the moment, it seems like automation is all the rage. There are dozens of tools out there that are meant to take the weight off your shoulders.

One of these services that have been getting a lot of word-of-mouth is Kicksta Instagram Marketing Growth Service.

I first learned about Kicksta as an instagram marketing service from a article I read recently while doing some research. It was listed among the top ten best automation tools on Instagram.

Now that I’ve started my own business through Instagram, I’ve decided to give it a whirl. Here’s what I found:

1.) Overview.

Kicksta is an automation tool that takes over the responsibility of connecting with potential new followers. It follows users, likes content, and sends comments for you. There isn’t much you need to do after setting it up.

2.) Positives.

Here’s what I liked about Kicksta:

It works, and it does its job well. That’s one of the most important bottom lines here. If it didn’t boost my following, then there wouldn’t be any point to it. I’ve attracted roughly 2000 new followers by the end of my first month.

It doesn’t cost that much. Whether you go with the $13 per week or the $39 per month plan, it’s a bargain in comparison to a lot of other automation services.

It starts working within minutes. They don’t waste any time with the set-up. Once you’ve input your custom filters, it’s ready to go.

You get a live activity feed on your dashboard, so you can always see what your account is up to. There’s also a handy feed to keep track of your conversions.

You have the ability not just to filter users by demographics, but also target them based on their hashtag usage.

There is an FAQ page readily accessible from the website’s homepage. Far too many services hide their FAQs away on some obscure page or don’t even have them at all. Not only are Kicksta’s easy to find, but they’re also genuinely helpful. I’d suggest skimming through them after you’ve gotten started.

3.) Negatives.

Here’s what I didn’t like:

The 3-day trial doesn’t include access to the full version of the service. Some of the features were purposefully held back. While I understand why they’d do this, it makes it hard to make any concrete judgments before getting a premium account.

4.) Last Thoughts.

Kicksta isn’t perfect. However, it’s near impossible to find any service that’s without any downsides.

In this case, I think Kicksta’s favorable qualities far outweigh the bad. It delivers in most of the areas where it counts, namely in stimulating the growth of your Instagram account.

My final score: 5.0 out of 5.0