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Some of the Best Tools For Bloggers to Use

One good way to start getting heard is through blogging. Whether you’ll be blogging about your business or about things you think you can help people with, the important thing is for you to go right ahead and get things done for yourself, by yourself. As for blogging, there are actually some tools that may help you out along the way. (And no, your problems don’t always revolve around web traffic.)

Tools For Getting New and Fresh Writing Prompts

CAPTION: Writer’s Block? Don’t Worry. Let These Tools Save You.

One of the worst things that a writer can experience is the case of writer’s block. This happens when you feel that you’re out of writing ideas and the creative juices just don’t kick in. For times like this, these tools will gladly give you a headstart.

  • BuzzSumo

The concept behind BuzzSumo is pretty simple. All you have to do is to key in a topic that you’re interested in, or even something as basic as a URL, and BuzzSumo will be more than happy to give you a great number of angles. You can then freely choose from any of these angles. Once you’ve chosen one, go on to your writing space and watch the words just fall right off your fingers.

  • Quora

What’s better than an app that asks and answers questions? That’s pretty easy. Enter Quora, a forum of real people, with real questions, and real answers. By getting in touch with the sorts of questions that people ask these days, it’s not going to be very difficult for you (or your blog, for that matter) to stay updated and, more importantly, relevant. You can now bid farewell to those times when you ran out of anything important to say; let Quora lead the way. (Wow, that actually rhymed.)

  • Portent Title Maker

Here’s another problem that any writer is bound to have, whether you’re writing a blog or a fancy research paper: how to figure out your title. Not to worry, though. Portent Title Maker is your best friend for such desperate title-making times. You simply have to key in a subject into the Subject tool, and then sit back and watch as it comes up with a sample blog post title. Not only that, the tool also gives you a sample breakdown into topics.

  • Twitter’s Trending Topics

Nope, contrary to what everyone else seems to be saying, Twitter is not just for millennials. For bloggers, Twitter is a great go-to resource for the topics that are currently hot and worth writing about. So no, don’t ditch Twitter just because you think it’s good only for the young and the reckless. Try to learn using it to your advantage. By writing on trending topics, you also get to improve your performance in terms of website traffic.

  • Blog Topics Generator

This is quite similar to Portent Title Maker, but with a little twist. On this website, you just have to key in three keywords of something you intend to talk about, and then wait for the website to generate five (yes, you read that right – FIVE) titles. That’s about all the writing prompts you to need for the entire week.

Tools for Faster (and Better) Writing

This is yet another problem of bloggers in particular, and writers in general. Sometimes, writing just seems to take on the appearance of a task that you need to be over and done with, but as a task, it can feel too boring. There’s no need to get overwhelmed. Here are some tools to keep you on your toes in going from one writing deadline to the next.

  • Google Docs

If your writing process is more collaborative instead of going solo, then perhaps Google Docs is the tool that’ll best help you out. With the option to share what you’re writing, as well as the option to allow others with the link to edit your manuscript, it then becomes easier for you to work with others. It’s also great because Google Docs happens to come with its own set of editing and proofreading powers.

  • Egg Timer

What do you get if you have an egg, a clock, and a very strong desire to get things done and to get them done on time? Easy: the Egg Timer. With a very simple design and principle behind it, the Egg Timer basically allows you to divide your priorities. You can input a particular number of minutes for every step of your task (for example you can have 20 minutes for research, 45 minutes for draft writing, etc) and Egg Timer will keep track of all these for you. A timer pops up every time your number of minutes for every step runs out.

  • Grammarly

There are writers who seem to be blessed with an almost intuitive sense of what’s correct and what’s wrong in grammar. Needless to say, however, most writers don’t have such a gift. For improvement in terms of grammar, run to Grammarly. All you have to do is to upload your paper to the site and have it checked. You will automatically receive a report from Grammarly, showing you your basic errors. They give you the option to go premium so that you’ll receive a more detailed report, but that’s another story (since that involves having to pay for it).

If you happen to be managing a team of writers, you can help them by sharing these tools with them. You can also read up on these tips for how to manage your writing team. What’s important is that your writers see that you are really involved in their process; they’ll appreciate you for it.

However, if your concerns are not really of the writing type, and are more along the lines of needing financial support for your business, check out these ways on how you can look for financial partners and sources.

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