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The Art of Being Social: Social Media Marketing Tips You Need to Know

The landscape of marketing has been subjected to several major transformations since it became a “thing”. But, the one factor that has influenced marketing the most is the introduction of social media, which provides so many new opportunities for marketers. Many things that were hard to achieve before are so easily done now. In 2018, it is estimated that there will be around 2.7 billion social media users around the world.

SM provides marketers the ability to reach many prospects and turn them into customers. But first, you will need to abandon the legacy marketing model and create a new marketing strategy. Here are some tips that will help you shape your advertising strategy.

Improve Your Tweets

Tweeter is a SM platform with great marketing potential. Still, after so many years, people are still making some very common mistakes. For instance, if you want your tweets to be seen by all of your followers, make sure you don’t start it with @handle. If you start your tweet with @handle, only the followers that are both following you and the persons you mentioned will be able to see that tweet. Make sure to start your tweet with some word, or if it is not possible, go with a simple “.”.

If you want to use your tweets to share some content in order to engage followers, you should consider providing useful content. The more value you add to your shared content, the bigger the chances to grow and retain followers. You also need to find people who are interested in your industry and start following them.

Streamlining your twitter strategy is also very important. These tools can help you quickly reply to important tweets, schedule re-shares of the same URL, make sure you tweet high-quality content on the weekends and find and tweet trending content.

Seize Many Opportunities on Facebook

The best way to advertise your new products or services on this social media platform is to boost your posts. Maybe you have already read some articles where marketing experts advise not to use this option, but you should be aware that is not that big of an investment. For just 20$, dollars you can show up on many news feed pages.

Another thing you should take under serious consideration is the timing of your Facebook posts. Before you know for sure what the perfect time to share your post is, you have to get to know your target audience. Find out at what time of the day their Facebook activity peaks. There are several studies that show that the best time to post for shares is around 1 pm, but if you want to get more clicks, the best time for a post is around 3 PM.

Also, don’t forget to add images to your Facebook posts. Posts that contain images receive 50 percent more likes and 80 percent more link click. Focus on sharing images of real people instead of a simple product. If you want your product to be seen, try to provide a lifestyle image that shows how people are using it.

Improve YouTube Marketing


The number of hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute has reached 300. It may be challenging to create a video that will attract the attention of potential customers. This is why you should forget about boring infomercials and focus on creating videos that tell an interesting and original story.

If you want to be able to reach a specific audience, you should research keywords for your video descriptions and ad targeting. Don’t stick to just one word, but try to consider phrases that are relevant to both your industry and the problems people experience when using specific products or services.

As you can see, social media is a very powerful tool for any business out there. With a properly designed marketing strategy, you will be able to penetrate new markets or attract more customers to the current one. Since this is a very popular type of marketing, there are dozens of articles to be found online that contain useful tips and advice. Feel free to read as much as you can, because the information you will get can help you bring diversity into your social media marketing strategy.

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