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Using Social Media and Blogging for Your Startup to Grow

One of the biggest advantages of the internet is that you can come up with your own original business idea and start your own business. However, that also empower others to come up with their own original thoughts and start theirs. Startups are mushrooming all over the world bringing in new ideas, business processes and disruptive technologies to attract customers and investors. Most of the startups make use of social media because they can find millions of potential customers on such platforms. If you own a startup or if you’re planning to start your own business you need to know how you can use social media strategy and the power of blogging to your advantage. Startups like Distractify and Airbnb are some companies that have done well using their social media strategy to create meaningful and lasting relationships with their clients.

So, how do you grow your startup using the right social media strategy and blogging solutions that work just right?

Plan Ahead

One of the major blunders that most startups make is that they create their social media profiles before they make their plan. If you are planning to exploit the power of social media you have to think ahead and plan how you can choose the right channels to reach your target audience. You also need to keep in mind how you want to approach and spread out the message. Startups also need to keep in mind that their social media approach should blend with their work culture which projects the right image of the startup.

Use Videos

If you’re using social media to reach out to your audience you can make use of videos that can make a direct impact. There are many startups that come up with innovative video concepts that attract their target audience. They provide certain information about their company and what they intend to do and this allows them to bring together people who are interested in the products and services they provide. Hence, for your startup you can create an interesting video that stands out and gives a personal touch.

Choose the Right One

While you can register on virtually every social media website that is available, the fact is that it won’t help in the long run. It is very important for you to determine which social media website can offer you the best return in terms of number of audience. For instance, if your startup caters to B2B audience, then it would be a better option to seek out for audience on LinkedIn. Similarly, if your startup caters to regular customers then you can go for Facebook and Twitter where you can get the right ones.

Vertical Blog

Blogs are simple and effective and they can drive online traffic to your startup website, if you know what they’re seeking. It is important that you start a vertical blog which is related to your industry but is very niche specific. Similarly, when you write posts on your blog you have to provide your audience with solutions to address certain problems that they are experiencing. You can feel free to experiment, but keep in mind that you need to provide them with practical solutions and not just superficial information. Don’t promise what you can’t deliver.

Build Your Community

Blogs can also help you to build your own community so make sure that you’re active and responding to the comments on your blog. Consumers today want their brand to be live and active, so you can have a team of bloggers and marketing experts that can push your blog further in the right direction and build a community through constant interaction.

Be Clear and Crisp

Your social media strategy and blogging should go hand-in-hand and therefore keep the language simple, clear and crisp, not just for the audience, but for investors and clients. You need to demonstrate your leadership and your business ideas attracting investors and clients alike.

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  1. This is great. The technology has very important effects on any kind of business. It helps for your startup to communicate customers in this busy business environment. Hiring a personnel to work at startup is also important, it helps you to handle some task feasible.

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