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Using Social Media to Help Sell Your Home

Finding a great buyer for your home is all about marketing. The most effective marketing strategies find the right buyers who are looking for a home like yours. They may locate your home on an MLS search, but that requires buyers to look for you. You can increase your chances of being discovered by taking advantage of social media to promote your home.

By stepping up your digital marketing game, you may discover a treasure trove of potential buyers who are eager to see what you have.

1. Get Your Real Estate Agent on Board

In any case, your real estate agent is your best source for marketing your home. After all, your agent helps people to buy homes, too. Ideally, your agent has experience with advertising on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on top of their experience with the legal documents, contracts, and other paperwork needed to close.

They may know how people whose Facebook friends frequently discuss buying real estate are more likely to buy a home themselves, and have experience in tailoring posts and keywords to appeal to readers. If not, now is a good time to encourage your agent to develop a social media presence for your home, and in the future.

2. Learn the Rules for Advertising on Social Media

Marketing is an old game with many new standards. If you know how to play, your posts about your home will have a better chance of reaching the right people. Learn a little about each platform.

If you do not have an Instagram account, or your Twitter profile is gathering dust, take the time to check them out and get a sense for how they work. Research the platform’s general guidelines for advertising. For example, Facebook gives preference to advertising that does not lead readers off the platform. In that case, you might post a link to your home’s listing in a comment, instead of the original post.

3. Set a Budget for Social Media Advertising

You are probably familiar with the old adage, “You have to spend money to make money.” Homeowners often put at least a few thousand dollars into valuable, permitted improvements to their home, staging furniture, and photography. Do not make the mistake of thinking you can just share an MLS listing or some pictures on your profile for free and it will work well for every selling situation. This approach will only reach about 2 percent of the people you could with paid advertising – this number can be lower if you have a more targeted listing (e.g. selling in a rural area or selling a plot of land) Investing even a hundred dollars into some sponsored advertisements on Facebook or Twitter might be all it takes to get a buyer.

4. Target Multiple Platforms

For many years, social media and Facebook have been considered almost synonymous, especially in terms of marketing a particular product. You have a home to sell, and that means you should use every advertising platform that makes sense. Facebook and Twitter, with the highest rate of frequent users, should be first on the list. However, you should also take advantage of Instagram. The photo-sharing site has over 500 million active users, 90 percent of whom are under 35. That is a rich demographic of potential buyers, especially if your home is within the budget of someone just breaking into the real estate market.

5. Offer Plenty of Rich Imagery

You likely understand from your own personal posts that text with images gets more interaction from readers. This is as true for advertising a home as it is for pictures of your birthday party. Social media platforms tend to prioritize posts with pictures or videos. Arrange for some professional photography of your home after it has been staged, and get a 360-degree view of a few interesting spaces. Post this imagery with your advertisements, putting the best photos first. This could be the difference between one-tenth of readers remembering your text-only ad, and two-thirds of them recalling a particularly nice picture you had.

Marketing is a tricky field, especially when you are not an expert. However, anyone can use these tips to increase the number of people who might see an available home for sale. When you use social media to interact effectively with potential buyers in their regular day, you are more likely to engage them when they are ready to start shopping.

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