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What is the Perfect Number of Social Media Platforms for Your Brand?

Social media is one of the most effective ways for companies to grow their brand. One poll found that 73% of marketers found social media to be either somewhat or very effective. However, many less experienced social media marketers struggle to make any progress with their strategy.

 One of the biggest reasons that social media marketers struggle to succeed is that they spread themselves too thin. They often work with too many platforms, which makes it difficult for them to make any progress.

How many social media platforms should they work with? According to experts from Famoid, answer is going to depend on several factors, such as the age of the company and the amount of resources the company has available and the success it has with certain strategies. We are going to assume that marketers reading this article are newer and working for smaller brands.

As a rule of thumb, new brands probably shouldn’t focus on more than two or three different traffic sources. If they are already investing heavily in SEO, then they might want to only use one or two social media platforms. If they don’t want to make SEO a core focus, then they might want to try up to three different social media platforms. Social media can work well, but only for companies that focus on the right things.

As they grow, they might find that it is worth investing in more social networks. They should start by expanding into similar platforms to the ones they have already had success with, because they will probably be able to repurpose a lot of their existing content. For example, brands that have a lot of success with Pinterest should start exploring Instagram. They can upload a lot of the same images, so they will be getting up to 70% more traffic without doing a lot more work.

We have talked about what social media is in other posts, as well as some more general strategies that need to be considered. There are a number of advantages of using it in your company. It’s time to go a little deeper and shell the Social Media platforms.

 To do that, let’s start by naming the 10 best and most influential social platforms we have. We based this data from the Alexa rank of these sites. To facilitate the process, the sites are ordered according to their Alexa score, which represents the popularity of the site. It may seem counterintuitive, but sites with a lower Alexa score have more traffic, which means they are ranked higher.

Faceook 2 4
Pinterest 8 12 17 29 31 66 117

In each and every one of the platforms, you can find its Alexa ranking. Google Page Rank. This is a numerical value that represents the importance that a web page has on the Internet. Google gets the idea that when a page places a link to another, is in fact a vote for the latter, goes from 0 to 10. Finally, it has also added the category field where there is a brief explanation of the function of the social platform.

There are a lot of factors that business owners need to evaluate when choosing the right platforms for their social media strategy.  You shouldn’t just focus on the social networks with the most traffic. Although they might give you access to a larger base of potential customers, they might not be the right platform for your specific market.