Social Media Marketing

Why Social Media is Key to a Successful Business

About 99¢ of every dollar spent on marketing in the United States is spent on social media. Droves of people are turning away from traditional information channels such as newspapers, magazines, and television in order to receive their news and entertainment from social media.

Today, what this means is social media is one of the most important factors when it comes to determining whether your business will be a success. People don’t just browse their social media channels for information about their friends but they’re also looking for ways to enhance their lives and careers. The popularity of social media means that every serious business needs to consider how their social media channels are intimately related to their business success.

Everyone’s Using it

Your staff is using it. Your target audience is using it because almost everyone you see is often on the phone, both young and old—from all walks of life. Perhaps most importantly, however, is that your competitors are using it. That alone is a really compelling reason to be on social media. You don’t want them taking your market share just because you left out social media in your marketing strategy.

Social media use is only becoming more predominant and with more people actively engaging with social media than not, now is a great time to utilize that resource to make sure you reach as many potential clients as possible. It’s best not to leave social media to others in your field because the evidence is mounting that on this basis alone, they could overtake you.

The Visualisation of Commerce

Our society is one where more than ever before, how people respond to visual imagery is becoming a fundamental part of the communication process. Think, for example, of the growth in popularity of Instagram—the social network which has overtaken Twitter because more people are interested in rapid exposure to an image than text.

A social media strategy will help you develop the visual resources to allow your brand success. People are more likely to turn toward your business after receiving exposure to a snappy and engaging image on social media. This results in more people clicking through and generates more exposure for your business.

Google Loves Social Media

When done correctly, Google loves social media. Google even works in an explicit partnership with Twitter so that when people search a certain topic, the most relevant tweets appear at the top of the Google search page.

If you know how to make sure your social media content is relevant and accurate, your business will appear more readily on Google. As most people use Google to browse the internet when they have questions or concerns, this can generate crucial traffic toward your business that will increase your revenue.

Social Media Helps You Develop Relationship with Your Customers

Social media isn’t just about selling your business to potential customers, it’s about creating long-lasting relationships with these customers. When your business engages with people on social media, they develop a deep affinity with your product and brand.

This relationship transforms people from customers alone and into advocates for your product. Word of mouth is still one of the most important aspects of a businesses’ success and social media engagement helps people immediately spread the word about why they trust your business.

When people get a personalized approach which comes with social media engagement, they relate better to a business or brand. When you make friends with your customers, you make them customers for life and powerful allies.

Great ROI

U.S. businesses using social media are reporting 90% increased exposure while over 50% of those who use social media have improved their sales. This suggests that investing in a social media marketing campaign can offer a great return on investment and really improve your business prospects.

If you lack relevant social media expertise, outsourcing your social media marketing can save you money and really help your business grow. A team like SocialMotion Media offers a multifaceted and coordinate digital marketing service, coordinated through the most popular social media channels millions of people browse every day.