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AllSocial Wants to Give Social Media Control Back to the User

AllSocial: Social Media for the User

Although social media is a mainstay in people’s lives, there is a burgeoning concern regarding the direction in which the major platforms are beginning to go. Daily, users are growing increasingly skeptical of the intentions behind the changes that are unfolding in the social media space. 

AllSocial is a new platform that has recently caused quite a stir with its initial launch. From the outset, the creators of AllSocial pledged to the industry and to everyday social media users that they will consistently work in support of their users, ensuring that they (the users) maintain complete control of the content that they choose to circulate on the AllSocial platform. 

Concerns With Current Social Media

In a never-ending quest to maximize their profits, many staple social media companies are using data they collect from users as a commodity. Hidden in thousands of lines of user agreements are veiled clauses that allow these platforms to exploit information that should otherwise remain private. On top of that, inconsistencies regarding guidelines and dysfunctional functionality have made these social media platforms a less-than-pleasant experience for the user. After all, it is the user experience that should be at the forefront. This is the very foundation on which the concept of social media was built.

The Time for Social Change is Here

With governments enacting legislation to protect user privacy and going so far as to hold hearings on the subject, it’s apparent that change is coming and it’s necessary. People are finding that social media does not operate the same way it did as when it was conceived. Rather than innocently hoping for the early days of social media to return, new services need to emerge. These new platforms need to embody the core values that people expect of social media, take us back to its roots, and remind us why we fell in love with it in the first place.

AllSocial is Different

AllSocial is a social media platform that is born of the need for transparency and genuine interaction. The site has a mission statement that bases its development on the user. AllSocial welcomes people from every corner of the globe with all viewpoints and beliefs. The goal of the new social media platform is to promote freedom of speech and provide an unbiased and open forum that gives every single user the ability to share content with friends without the fear of censorship or the forfeiture of personal data.

Data Privacy

Quite possibly the most pressing issue surrounding social media today is the handling of personal data. People share sensitive information with the platforms they use in the hope of making their user experience more meaningful. There is an expectation from the user that their private information is handled with respect. AllSocial makes a public commitment to that end. It is expressly written and stated by the creators of the platform that user data will never be sold to third parties.

Community Standards

Another important issue that is plaguing the social media space is that of community standards and guidelines. With users being arbitrarily banned for holding certain opinions, the transparency and motivation behind such bans have come into question. AllSocial is a space where free speech and malicious intent are clearly differentiated without bias. The platform aims to foster an environment where users can interact freely and only illegal, harmful or hateful content is excluded.

Interconnectivity With Other Platforms

Though the platforms user-friendly features set it apart from the social media crowd, AllSocial does not aim to be an island unto itself. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Part of the responsibility of changing the face of social media includes influencing others to become better. In this respect, AllSocial provides interconnectivity with other platforms and acts as a social media hub for people’s content. Users can share content from other social media sites directly on their AllSocial news feed.

Selective Advertisements

AllSocial is a business and as such falls under the category of a for-profit organization. This means that the platform’s sustainability depends on its ability to generate revenue. Selective advertisements that appear on the newsfeed are the vehicle for the website’s viability.

AllSocial Posts are Guaranteed 100% Reach

Other major social media sites began with the intention of bringing people together. In time, the number of followers that saw users’ posts were artificially limited so as to create new revenue streams. The goal was to charge users for the ability to make their posts more visible. AllSocial is committed to showing users’ posted content to their entire followings. Users, perhaps for the first time on a social media platform, can rest assured that their post is seeing 100% reach across all of the connections they have created on AllSocial.

Clean Design

The compact design is a departure from the cluttered and overly busy interface that other platforms offer. This way, users can focus on sharing interesting content rather than sifting through endless distractions.

AllSocial 2.0

AllSocial creators are already working to upgrade the current user interface to make certain AllSocial stands above to social media crowd. In the first half of 2020, AllSocial is planning to introduce the next level of the platform with the release of AllSocial version 2.0. With enhanced capabilities currently being added to the platform, AllSocial users soon will see advanced features in AllSocial’s video posting capabilities, playback and editing are getting upgrades, the chat features will become easier to use than ever before, whether it be privately with a friend or in a room of many. Finally, AllSocial will be rolling out a feature called elastic search. Stay tuned to the platform to learn more about all of these fun features and exciting upgrades.

Focused on Organic Growth

The creators of AllSocial have chosen to dedicate their investment capital into creating the best social media platform for users. With a steady and healthy growth of its user base, there are no plans for investing large amounts of money into advertising and other promotional methods. It is important to maintain the essence of this new, user-centered platform. Having users adopt it on its merits is key to effecting change in the social media ecosystem. The robust, organic growth of AllSocial is all the more proof that it is headed in the right direction.


 AllSocial is a social media platform that puts the user first and creates an experience that allows you to discover exciting stories, connect with friends and share content that matters to you. With a mission of connecting your world, AllSocial creates an open, safe and secure community that fulfills the Internet’s original promise of connecting people.  Users are able to post content from all major social media platforms with the promise that 100% of a user’s posts will be shared with all followers. AllSocial is available via desktop or app from the Apple or Google Play store, for more information please visit

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