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How Crucial is Social Media Following for Brand Success?

Nowadays, social media has become an omnipresent aspect of our daily lives, and nobody can argue that. Every industry uses social media in one way or another, and it has quickly become the most important key factor in digital marketing. Without digital marketing, the process of building a successful brand is basically impossible. A company on today’s market that doesn’t use social media as a marketing strategy, is definitely missing on lots of potential customers.

In today’s article, we’ll discuss exactly how crucial is a social media following when trying to build a successful brand.

Builds Brand Awareness

In order to get started, all you have to do is to create social media profiles on different platforms, post some information about your brand and your services and interact with people. Even if you would only spend a few hours per week on social media, the results would still be visible. Actually, over 91% of marketing specialists claim that their presence on social media, greatly increased their exposure. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the main platforms that you should access and use, and then you can think about other secondary ones. The bigger the number of Instagram followers, the bigger your chances to become a visible brand on the market.

Reduces Costs

If there would be an improvement more attractive than all the others, this would definitely be it. But fortunately, these are all amazing benefits that social media can bring to your business. Traditional marketing strategies involve a lot of paper printing, a lot of work with specialized companies and, overall, a lot of stress. Nowadays, it costs nothing to create profiles on social media platforms for your business.
Of course, we definitely advise you to use the paid promotion services that social media platforms offer, as they are way cheaper than traditional methods. And even if you do have the kind of money that makes you able to pay for traditional marketing, it wouldn’t be more effective than social media marketing, as people tend to spend most of their time on these platforms, where they invest a lot of their attention.

Customer Engagement

In order to conduct a successful business nowadays, you need to hear and understand what your customers have to say. Social media is the perfect way for you, as a company, to interact with people and find out directly from them what they want to buy, what they want to change about your product or service, or what they think it’s missing. This is the perfect road that you should take in order to reach brand establishment, because you communicate with people, and the people are the ones that help you build that brand.

Builds Brand Credibility

If customers see you talking to people on social media, posting on a regular basis, liking and commenting on their own posts, that could definitely give you a certain brand credibility. People will feel that you’re trying to connect with them and that you really care about spreading the message that your company is trying to send, and they will also empathize with you. On the other side, if you create all of these social media profiles, post for a few days and then just ghost people out, they will start putting labels on your company, and not the good kind. It’s just the way things work; if you want people to use your services and buy your products, they expect you to assist them when they need you to, they expect you to keep them up to date about what’s new in your company, and they expect you to be omnipresent on social media.

Increases Traffic

If you want people to click on the links to your website, where you promote your products and services, social media is the best place where you can post those links. Think about integrating these links in different posts on social media. But be careful when you do that! You can’t just share the links and ask people to click on them. Try to provide your social media followers with quality, entertaining content, the kind that makes them come back to your page and click on all the links.
There’s is no doubt when it comes to the positive impact that social media has not only on startups, but on already established brands too. Developing a marketing strategy based mainly on social media will lead to increased traffic, improved brand loyalty, satisfied consumers, and, eventually, a successfully established brand.

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