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How to Harness the Power of Social Media Apps to Give a Huge Boost to Employer Branding?

Employer branding and talent management have been undergoing a digital maturity that reflects a shift from the traditional paradigm towards online engagement, connecting and collaborating digitally.
At present, the trend to connect professionally is favoring the social media apps. Some of the best talents are attracted and built right via these platforms.
Social media platforms are becoming highly influential when it comes to employer branding or talent building, says a new report on social media usage and trend.
More than 90 percent of companies are currently leveraging social media networks for their hiring process. An equal percentage of job seekers are contacting a potential employer via social media platforms.
“Agile isn’t just for tech. It is transforming how organizations hire, develop, and manage their people,” quotes an issue of Harvard Business Review.
People are moving towards agile practices. Social media sites are today the strategic instruments for employer branding and talent management. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat tops the list of recruiters and job seekers. Talent acquisition, Workforce management, human resources, employer branding, job hunting is getting real-time.
Interestingly, many of the social network apps are available in multiple languages, thereby allowing users to connect across borders.
When it comes to social recruiting, Social media networking apps allow users to:


  • Discover the right Employer
  • Hunt the right candidate
  • Research
  • Trigger interest
  • Fuel a decision

“You Attract People by the Qualities you Display”

How do you Push Employer Branding Instantly via Social Media Platforms?

The remaining part of the article will walk you through a few awesome foundational strategies that pull it all together. Dozens of companies and employees have already battle-tested this and have successfully untangled the hidden scope and mysteries.

# By Creating Engaging Rapid Communication

Engagement is the best way to measure your social media ROI.
Ephemeral content is a big hit on social media platforms. They are rich, mostly images and videos, accessible only for a short span of time. Such a brief appearance of content is apt for social recruiting as it elicits an immediate response and increases engagement quickly. It is also likely to reach a wider audience as it leaves the right impact on the audience.
Data shared as the ephemeral content does not stay for longer duration and this ensures that the data collected is not available for anything other than what it is intended for. Moreover, the idea is to encourage more content to keep coming!
“One can produce ephemeral content without compromising the depth of the purpose”
Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook are some of the top platforms offering the Ephemeral content facility. So, go ahead and quickly assimilate information and communicate effectively using strong communication features offered by the social media networking apps.

# By Exploring the Different Facilities Offered By Different Platforms

The best way to attract is to ensure that you are visual.
Visual real-time engagement is growing big these days. Live streaming, live chatting and live sharing is becoming a trend now. Every social media platforms are investing high on this technology.
For job seekers, the live streaming facility offered by leading social media platforms could mean a 360⁰ view of an employers’ office, a live Q&A session with the recruiters or a live footage of the company’s activity. For employers, live streaming allows a quick and easy engagement with the candidates in real-time. Branding is easy through this activity.
With nearly 188 million daily active users worldwide, Snapchat has a lot to offer for both brands and job seekers.
Not many can forget how McDonald used Snapchat to hire 2, 50,000 workers last summer through a process called “Snaplications,” where interested Snapchat users were able to see a 10-second video ad of McDonald’s employees chatting about working at McDonald’s. Snaplication candidates can even swipe up to visit McDonald’s career page in Snapchat and apply for a job.

Cisco, Goldman Sachs, are other leading brands taking complete advantage of social recruiting. Student recruitments are happening via Snapchat.
Facebook’s Job tab feature, Twitter’s Moments and Connect tabs, Snapchat’s Discover and Group Chat feature, Instagram’s IGTV are some of the recently added facilities that allow social engagement, social recruiting easy, quick and effective.

# Strategizing a perfect Influencing cycle

Google search returned 8, 22, 00,000 results during a search for Influencer marketing on 30th August 2018.

This surely proves that it is one of the most sought-after methods to target your audience. Yes, it is popular and it works.
Social media influencers can create a huge level of relevant engagement with the audience meant for you. The influencers that you identify have the potential power to guide their connections with their recommendations.
According to a survey by GoodFirms, around 74% of decisions are made through social media influencers. This proves the trust in the opinion of the influencers. Influencer marketing is proving to be a valuable tool for marketers of all brands today.
Have a look at the following statistics.

Key benefits include; improve brand advocacy, widen brand awareness, expand targeted audiences, and improve conversion. So, companies need to focus on strategising a perfect influencing cycle to meet their goal. Here are a few points that you can consider:

  • Identify the right platform – As of 2018 report, Instagram stands as the number one platform for influencer marketing, with Facebook, YouTube and Twitter following the race. Pick the one that fits with your goal.
  • Identify the influencer for your target group
  • Make use of Analytics and linguistic mapping
  • Look at amplified messages
  • Look at your score for each activity
  • Implement secondary influencers where ever required
  • Measure what drove the final action
  • Use the right tool and stay on top of all the latest trends
  • Strengthen your core and do not forget your key assets.

Interestingly, 4 in 10 discover new brands via influencers, says another study. So, go ahead and engage your audience across every phase of their journey with you through the right influencers.

#Experimenting with Analytics

Spotting patterns and predicting outcomes has become much easier with the machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. This new level of collaboration is setting a new trend along with the power of big data and advanced analytics. It has given a new power to both recruiters and job seekers.
Some of the benefits of experimenting with analytics are;

  • Analytics help employers to identify and assess talents.
  • It helps in sifting through profiles and identifying the right candidate
  • It helps to understand the culture, fit and personality of an employer or a candidate
  • It helps in the evaluation of data more effectively, efficiently and quickly
  • Gain valuable insights
  • It helps to narrow down options
  • Can conduct efficient talent sourcing and recruitment
  • It helps in creating an action course to reach a decision

By analysing the data, you can easily generate different samples that you can test and validate. Modeled data using analytics tools can contribute for the betterment of your business. Watson Analytics for Social Media is one such tool that can understand unstructured data and connects them with the right context. The Watson analytics for social media analyses millions of interactions on social media platforms.

  • Algorithms can predict if a candidate is likely to leave an organization much before the organization comes to know about it. A minor change that a candidate makes can create a new pattern with the artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Such analytics helps a long way to retain and recruit the right candidate and to brand your organization well.
  • Conversational interface or the chatbots ideally help to understand the candidate virtually.
  • Natural language processing and deep learning can help analyze and process various conversations.
  • Text interpretation and identification of similarities is helpful in optimizing search

In short predictive analytics helps in successful talent acquisition and retention. It also helps in the discovery of skills and experiences easily and quickly. It saves time.


Have you ever connected with the right candidates directly through social media apps?
Do you agree that it can get more collaborative and iterative if you use social media apps to hunt talents?
There is no denying that technological innovation is causing sweeping revolutions today.
Social media networking is highly interactive and you can make it personalized too. It is quick, instant and the reach is huge. It is up to you to create that primal need to connect with people who gel within your goal. Cut cost, go efficient and be more relevant with social recruiting.

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