Social Media

SoundCloud Plays: The Social Network for Music

Today there are social media websites for practically everything. Facebook allows you to share low-quality images as well as text. Twitter allows you to share mainly text and links. Instagram allows you to share images and videos. So, what about music? Why should that be left behind? Welcome to SoundCloud, the social networking site for music lovers. What’s unique about SoundCloud is the fact that one can create their own sounds and music and upload it for others to hear. If anyone, other than you play the song, it is tracked in the number of plays for the particular track. The more the plays, the more popular your music is. There are also websites that claim that you can buy SoundCloud Plays.

SoundCloud: The Free Platform

SoundCloud is a free platform where music lovers and music creators come together on a common platform. Prior to SoundCloud, the music scene globally was not very supportive of the upcoming artists. Then SoundCloud came along and changed the music scenes altogether. They managed to get together a platform where upcoming artists, music directors, bands and so on could upload their music. Further individuals can build their own community and even follow the artists whose music they love. You can comment on parts of the music track that you like. You can listen to fresh tracks by genuine and upcoming artists, which are uploaded every day. You can even to a particular artist or a particular genre of music. Artists are continually supported and appreciated in such an environment.

A great platform for music lovers, but is there any way that artists can benefit from it. The artists can use SoundCloud as a way to promote their upcoming videos and also as a way to increase their fan following. They can get feedback on their latest music by posting is within the community.

As SoundCloud has grown and changed over time, there are have been some features added in and some taken off. The stats feature of the app will allow viewing the how your song is performing on 3rd party websites. Also, the more the plays, the more popular is your music. There are also websites that allow you to buy SoundCloud Plays. However, ensure that the consistency is maintained and you need uploading something at regular intervals. Once you have done that you develop a reputation and makes you more visible.


With SoundCloud, you can be anything that you like. You can be a

  • Creator, record and upload your own music for others to hear.
  • Listener, discover music that you love and follow the creators. Browse through the new audios uploaded every day.
  • Curator, listen to music you love, create your own playlist and share it with everyone. Create your community and followers and share everything among them.

SoundCloud not only gives upcoming artists a platform to showcase their talent, it also gives people a chance to listen to some great music along with all the features of a social networking site further helping them to grow further. Thus, working such that everyone grows together.