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Check Benefits and Incentives You can Get Using Solar Power in California

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“Britain and my hometown will always be with me wherever I go and whatever I do, but I prefer to live in California.” – Eric Burdon Of course, why just him, everyone would love to stay in California. And when staying there, make sure you have a solar-powered house. You might think why to use solar power in California? Well, the answer is easy, because it will save money, good for the environment and more. If you have no idea what solar power is, then to put it in simple words, solar power is just a small part of the solar energy. It assists in converting sunlight into energy can be used in place of electricity from non-renewable sources. So why it is essential to have solar power at home when residing in California?  It is simply because of the following perks that make pros and cons of solar energy in California lean towards the pros:


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Benefits of using solar power

The number of advantages you will enjoy when using solar power systems makes it the ideal option for powering up a house. Check out the distinct perks of using solar power.

Sustainable and renewable source of energy:

Solar energy is a product of the sun. Hence, it is renewable as the sun is not going anywhere. For centuries and more it will keep on producing sunlight which can be converted into electricity.
Hence, solar power in California is a must for all.
Moreover, it is a sustainable source of power. So, it will not be exhaustible no matter how much one uses now. Also, there will be an ample amount left for future generations.
A non-renewable energy which provides electricity nowadays can’t compete with these.

Diverse applications

This energy is used for multiple purposes. Generating electricity or heat is a standard measure. It is ideal for places without energy grid accessibility.
Also, it can be used for distilling water in regions where clean water is a scarcity.
It is also utilized for powering up satellites. Moreover, you can integrate solar energy into building materials. For example, you can install solar energy transparent windows.
This is one of the essential advantages of solar energy in California.

Reduction in electric cost

Solar energy is more than capable of fulfilling your need for power. Since it generates electricity, the power bill will decrease significantly.
The saving of the bill depends on how much heat or energy you use and your solar power system’s size and capacity.
Saving is not the only option here!
If you manage to produce more amount of electricity than your usage, then it is sent back to the grid. This surplus will help you get a bonus amount for total power sent to a grid.
Moreover, you can increase saving by selling excess electricity during the daytime when the rates are high and buy it in the evening when it is supposedly lower. So, enjoy the advantages of solar energy in California today.
Note: To receive the additional payment, you would require to be connected to a grid.

Technological development

This industry is developing every day. Each day the people of this industry are trying to develop something new to make solar energy more efficient while improving in other areas too.
Nanotechnology and quantum physics helped the solar industry take a giant leap in increasing solar panels’ effectiveness by tripling solar power machines’ electrical input.

Low Maintenance

These systems don’t need much maintenance; hence, it decreases the maintenance cost substantially.
All you need to do is keep the equipment clean. Performing this task just a few times in a year is more than enough. However, if you are not sure of the cleaning process then hire professionals who will do it for just a few dollars.
When weighing the pros and cons of solar energy in California, the pros always weigh much more!
Furthermore, there isn’t any requirement for moving parts as wear and tear is not an option. The only thing you need to change is the inverter that also every 10 years or so.

Some vital facts of solar energy

If you are residing in California or planning to move there then you should be aware of these solar facts:

      • In 2012, in California, solar power capability of 1,0545 megawatts was installed that is far more than other USA’s states. This is one of the juicy facts about solar energy in California.
      • In California, there are more than 1720 solar companies present. They employ more than 43,500 people across the state.
      • For installing solar power systems on business and homes, 2.6 billion USD was spent in 2012. This showed that it increased over 30% than previous years and is sure to increase every year.
      • In California, ample solar power systems are installed which can provide electricity to more than 800,000 homes.
      • California now holds more capacity of solar power than every other place except six countries.

These facts about solar energy in California shows how much people prefer solar energy in this state.

Check Benefits and Incentives You can Get Using Solar Power in California
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The tax exclusion for property states that if you are using a particular type of system, then you are exempted from paying property taxes or have to pay a minimal amount at the maximum. Even residing in various cities and using solar power systems in California will lead to tax exemptions.Net metering is another incentive which solar power users enjoy. It helps you to earn money by using less energy and producing more and sending it back to the electrical grid.CSI (California Solar Incentives) offers a massive rebate on installation to all the people. Hence, such incentives have lead people to start using solar energy.So if you are living in California then make sure you go through all the details and incentives which people enjoy before installing solar power systems.
Get your solar power systems in California today for availing all of these offers.
It is the ideal way to take a step into the future. Hence, take the lead today instead of following others later!