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Cost Of Solar Panel Kits

The cost of solar panel kits ranges from around $1.30 for a solar panel and inverter that are probably better used as boat anchors than installed on your house right through to around $2.00 per watt for premium brands of panels and high quality inverters. Here is a link to our relevant pages that discuss the prices of solar panel kits and the pros and cons of installing DIY solar panels.

Why Do We Use Cost Per Watt ($/watt) When Discussing The Cost Of Solar

At the risk of stating the obvious the cost of a solar install changes with the size of the system. The more solar energy you want to produce the more solar panels you need.
There is a cost associated with the purchase of each solar panel and there are also additional labour costs installers need to charge for the installation of each additional panel.
Because of this it is difficult to compare system costs for different homes that need different sized systems unless we have a way to measure relative cost that takes away the effect of size on the overall price of the installed solar.
$ per watt gives us a cost system that allows for better comparison of systems of different size.