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How The Solar Power Homes In California Are Denting The Pollution Levels Of The World!

Solar panels are gaining popularity and solar energy is now considered to be a versatile and viable replacement for our usual fuel energy sources. A global transition is for sure to happen soon especially keeping in mind the high demand, lower supply and increasing prices of oil and other fuels. Be it California or any other city in the world, the incredible economics of solar energy is hard to ignore. Solar power in California and some other major cities in the country can have immense environmental benefits. This by itself is the major reason for more people getting drawn to the idea of it.
How The Solar Power Homes In California Are Denting The Pollution Levels Of The World!

How are the common masses reacting to it?

According to the surveys, almost 90% American are in favour of solar power. The main reason is the environmental advantage. But the transition is quite slow even after such support and participation. This form of renewable energy has overwhelming support and demand; yet, it has not etched the market much. One main reason of this halt of solar power generation in California is that people tend to overestimate the costs involved to install associated infrastructure and use it. According to the perception of the common people, a solar PV installation can cost up to 20,000 dollars while it is as inexpensive as zero dollars.
Surveys say that almost 77% people have shared their concern about the cost and explained how cost is the most important factor for not opting for solar power generation in California.
It’s true that oil, coal or gas fuels have huge subsidies. This has created the myth that propagates the idea of sustainable source like solar being less powerful, more expensive and less efficient.
How The Solar Power Homes In California Are Denting The Pollution Levels Of The World!

How can we bring the change?

Better education is the key. If people are educated profusely and with logic, they are sure to welcome solar energy. Solar power generation in California needs aggressive marketing and engagement. The key factors which can draw people towards it are:
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Efficient performance
  • Reliable source
  • Environment friendly

How The Solar Power Homes In California Are Denting The Pollution Levels Of The World!

Starting off with the education process

Education needs to be given at the root levels. Country wide campaigns need to be launched to alert people about the real life advantages and benefits solar power can provide us with. Some of the micro solutions include how the solar companies can engage and grasp potential customers. Making them aware of it will result in more solar power generation in California.
The solar companies need to coin good engagements to raise the demands and needs for solar power in California. Once people get to understand how amazing this sustainable form of energy is, they are sure to commit to it.

How The Solar Power Homes In California Are Denting The Pollution Levels Of The World!

Solar energy incentives and tax breaks introduced by the government

Needless to say, this form of energy generates positive effects on the environment and makes a country independent of the needs of other forms of fuel and energy which are extremely expensive. Moreover, solar power systems in California provides greater employment to many unlike the other energy-based industries.
The government of America to encourage the expansion of this renewable energy form, has introduced financial incentives, tax breaks etc. This will ensure in the long run that solar gets more accessible to normal people resulting in solar power home in California. These tax benefits will reduce the cost for solar panels to at least 50 percent.
Opting for solar energy reduces your electric bill amounts
This is one of the most important reasons behind the need for elimination of power plant generated electricity. If calculated, an average American pays 1200 dollars on electricity per year. 20 years of it results in a whopping 24,000 dollars on just electricity. We also need to include the steep rise in electricity rates and how high it will be in the coming 20 years. One can get rid of this vicious cycle by installing solar panel systems.

Other financial aids

To further encourage installation in solar power systems in California the government is providing
  • Solar loans
  • Solar leases etc
To get a lease one can avail a solar loan or pay with cash. If the loan is taken, that amount is subjected to tax credits and further rebates. However in case of leases, the third party owner will be getting all the incentives.
  • Investment tax credit:
Federal government administers solar tax exemptions. This allows the solar power home in California and companies to subtract a section of solar costs from the principal amount of their taxes. They can avail about 30 percent on the entire cost of solar panel installation.
  1. Cash discounts:
This kind of varies from state to state. Limited time-based rebates are given for the sake of promotion of solar power. This further reduces the cost by 20 percent.
  • Solar energy certificate:
Some states require certain amount of energy to be generated from solar power. If house owners live in such a state, the electricity produced by your solar panels will generate certificates. Utilities will be buying those to meet their own needs. Thus, it adds to the income of the house owners to hundreds or thousands a year.

Protection of the earth

This is the major benefit of solar energy. Many businesses, homeowners are going solar to minimize carbon footprint. These people are taking initiatives to battle climatic changes, global warming, and health issues caused by carbon emission.
By installing solar panels, a family of two can reduce their emission by at least four tons yearly.

Let’s take the leap to a better world!

According to the reports of the US green building council, USA emits about 39% of all carbon emissions in the world. If at least one city at a time can take the step, it will drastically decrease the effects of carbon emission. A cumulative effort from business, households, non-profit organization etc is sure to etch a dent in the levels of pollution.
This emission free source of energy is here to stay and reduce the electricity demands for the utility. This will in turn result in less emission from the power plants thus protecting the environment.