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The Health And Environmental Benefits Of Switching To Solar Energy

Today, there has been a shift in the energy demand and use. With many utility services providers in the United States as well as homeowners opting for solar energy, it’s important to know what a solar inverter is.
The drop in solar panel costs is among the primary reasons for the explosive growth; that and the notable incentives and rebates associated with making a change to the use of solar power.
The decreased costs are among the many other benefits of shifting to solar energy. The most notable gains are environmental protection and health improvement as a result of the reduced dependency of fossil fuels by harnessing the power of the sun.
If you’re interested in installing solar power in your home but cannot put the system on your roof, then you should consider looking into community solar.

The Environmental Benefit Of Solar Energy

With solar energy, what you get is clean, renewable power harness from the sun that has no environmental risks. It is an alternative to fossil fuels that homes can rely on for their needs and reduce their carbon footprint. The power also helps reduce the global volume of greenhouse gases. Overall, solar power is a favorable option with no negative environmental impact.


Majority of the electricity production in the United States depends on fossil fuels such as gas and coal whose extraction and use is costly as it is harmful to the environment. Solar energy is an ideal alternative that is free and not bound to be depleted soon. The sun, with all its power, is always shining down onto the earth and an hour of such exposure has the potential to power a city.
It is time that we rethink our energy options can take the stand to protect the environment by reducing our dependency on fossil fuels and shifting to the most abundant energy source we have, the sun.

Decreased Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The generation of electricity using fossil fuels has a significant part in the state of things regarding greenhouse gas emissions, especially Coz (Carbon dioxide). With solar power, these are far better and promising. The climate change and rising global temperatures are why the Northeast is facing rising sea levels, changes in the ecosystems, and extreme weather events. All these problems are attributed to the greenhouse gases, and these disruptions are causing serious environmental and public health issues.
By making the shift to solar, it is one step from liberation from fossil fuel dependency and reducing our global greenhouse gas emissions therein our carbon footprint. Even one home that opts to use solar power can have a significant role in advocating for the protection of our health and environment. Statistics from the United States Energy Information Administration, the annual electricity consumption for the average home in Connecticut with solar panels is 8, 756kWh (kilowatts per hour). In addition, the emissions reduction effects associated with the switch from fossil fuels to solar energy is equated to planting 155 trees annually.

The average home in New York with solar panels has an annual electricity consumption of 7,092kWh. The overall effect of such an environmentally friendly switch is estimated to cut carbon emissions equal to what would be produced from burning 5,253 pounds of coal annually.

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Less Respiratory And Cardio Health Issues

With solar power, there is no risk of air pollutants. According to the NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory), adoptions of solar energy production can have a significant role in the reduction of emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxides, carbon dioxide, and particulate matter that cause different health complications. As such, there will be fewer cases of respiratory and cardiovascular issues translating to less lost workdays because of health problems within the workforce.


From the above, the benefits of solar energy are undeniably clear and go beyond cutting electricity costs in the home. Making the switch will see you reduce your carbon footprint and take a step in the right direction regarding protecting the environment, your health and that of your family and those around you.

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