Does All Elite Wrestling have a chance against WWE?

WWE is the one wrestling federation that ruled over the others for a very long time. There are some smaller federations out there like TNA for example that are very impressive and powerful themselves, but WWE has been at this game for a very long time and if you are a wrestling fan, you really know they can deliver both from the fighting and entertainment standpoint. But recently this year, All Elite Wrestling was announced and people state it will be even bigger than WWE.

All Elite Wrestling is powered by Shahid Khan and Tony Khan, so it does have the billions needed to create a great wrestling empire and it’s definitely going to shine quite a lot due to that. In fact, they are already acquiring lots of talent like Cody Rhodes, as well as Matt and Nick Jackson, Adam Page, Chris Jericho, Cristopher Daniels and Matt Jackson are some of the headliners, but there are many others and that really goes to show just how exciting this new brand is going to be.

They are not afraid of throwing the big bucks so they can acquire great wrestling names, and if you want to compete with a brand like WWE you really have to do that. Which is why it makes sense for them to approach such an industry. Whether they are going to be successful at it or not, that remains to be seen. But the potential is there and they are bound to bring in front some astonishing results and really impressive benefits as time goes by. You will definitely enjoy just how much passion the new performers are placing into all of this and that really makes things more exciting and powerful.

It’s also said that they are bringing oriental wrestlers to the All Elite Wrestling as well. It’s important to check the best wrestling news site if you want to stay up to date with all the information about this brand. But the potential is there and it’s clear just how much hard work was placed into this and how immersive and powerful the entire brand can really be. They do need to start generating pay per view shows and catch the interest, but it’s safe to say that even now they are becoming more and more relevant and that will eventually become a great thing in the long run.

For the time being All Elite Wrestling doesn’t have the power to surpass WWE. It’s hard to surpass a company that has been in the industry for more than 3 decades with a company that just arrived this year and which is a few months old. That being said, All Elite Wrestling is threatening WWE by taking some of the best people on their roster and we can expect them to make WWE work more on their content. In the end everyone will be happy with the results and that’s the most important aspect for sure.

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