The Many Benefits of Playing Team Sports

Ask any successful person and they’ll probably tell you they played in the school football or netball team; public schools in previous ages understood that team sports build character in a student, which is why PT was compulsory. Children have a lot of energy and playing team sports provides a healthy outlet for excess energy, yet there are so many ways that team sports can benefit a young person. In many respects, sports are a reflection of life and as team games require application and determination, these are essential traits to have in a competitive society such as ours.

Understanding Teamwork

When you play as a midfielder in the football team, you have to understand how the game works; the defenders are supposed to pass the ball to you and from your midfield position, pass the ball on to the attacking players, who can make an attempt at goal. Each player must play his part in order for the team to win and no player wants to let his teammates down, which motivates them to push their boundaries. Your team strategy might depend on the playing style of your opponent, and as you get older, the football tactics play a larger role, until you reach the pinnacle of the sport; professional play.

Developing as a Player

Luckily, they teaching basic football skills at Smile Football Club, which is the perfect academy to hone your child’s ball skills and by playing regularly, your son or daughter might have what it takes to become a professional footballer. The team coach is a critical component for the development of individual players and he or she would spot your child’s talent and coach accordingly. Football is fun and if your child always wants to kick a ball around, they should be encouraged; many great players spent countless hours knocking a ball against the garage wall and this demonstrates a strong desire to improve.

Understanding Fair Play

It is essential for a child to develop their EQ, as well as their IQ and playing in a team sport helps children to understand why playing according to the rules in a crucial aspect of competition. This helps the child to create strong ethics and learn how to be a good loser and a fine example of fair play practices and that will mean they grow up to be honest people with a lot to offer society. Click here for some great sporting moments from the past.

Helping Others to Achieve

As a player in a team, it is your role to motivate your teammates and this develops character in a person, as they give not to receive, but to help their fellow player. This is a good mindset to develop and helping others becomes part of a person’s character, largely thanks to their experiences playing team sports.

Develop Critical Thinking

This occurs off the field, when the coach sits down with the team and hosts a discussion about the last game, looking at reasons why they won or lost the game, which helps all the children to gain a better understanding of critical thinking and analysis. Planning is an essential life skill and the theory side of a team sport involves a lot of planning, as you pit your wits against an opposing team, who are also trying to win the game.

Instils Self-Discipline

This is one of the main benefits a team player receives; as self-discipline is something that is necessary in order to improve your own performance. You might not want to train in the cold and wet, but for the sake of the team, you will grit your teeth and make the effort, as the team objectives must come first.

Creating a Winning Mentality

Some players develop a winning mentality while playing in the school football team and this can follow through into other aspects of their life, as they strive to achieve their life goals. Being a part of a championship winning team is a special feeling and certainly one that you wish to repeat and some successful entrepreneurs put their success down to a winning mindset that was established playing team sports at school. There’s nothing wrong with having a desire to win, as long as we abide by fair play and accept that every game has a loser, who will learn from their mistakes and come back a stronger and better team because of the experience.

If your son or daughter shows promise playing football, search online for a football academy near you and enroll your child in order to help them develop in every respect. If they prefer another sport, the same benefits apply and who knows? Maybe your child will end up breaking a few world records.