5 Digital Tools That Help Startups Manage Remote Teams

There are several digital tools that help startup business owners manage their remote teams. Remote team management can be a greatly complicate issues.

Unlike in-office employees, remote workers are not physically present to attend meetings, offer advice, or ask questions. In many business scenarios, remote team employment was considered to be a major disadvantage.

However, the innovation of modern digital tools has led management processes to improve dramatically. Consider the points mentioned above to learn about the digital tools that help startups manage remote teams.   

Online Meeting Software

Online meeting software are essential digital tools to manage your remote teams. When you are in an in-office setting, you have the ability to frequently meet face-to-face with your employees.

The issue becomes much more complicated when you are dealing with remote teams of employees. It is extremely disadvantageous for remote workers to be unable to participate in the culture of meetings.

Online meeting programs alleviate these issues, allowing you to conduct digital meetings one-on-one, or with an entire team of remote workers.

These systems allow you to conduct meetings through audio calls, video chats, or even screen shares. On screen shares, meeting leaders can request remote control of alternate screens to effectively practice and demonstrate specific tasks.

Consider reputable online meeting software to conduct virtual meetings with your remote teams. 

Time Tracking Apps

Startup business owners need to install a time clock app to manage remote workers. Time tracking apps are essential to managing teams of remote workers. When employees are not physically present, it is impossible to directly observe their whereabouts.

Without this, it can be extremely difficult to measure employees weekly hours, total breaks, and on-time attendance. Tracking applications allow your employees to accurately record their exact hours and time on shift.

GPS-enabled technology will verify time and attendance to ensure that employees were in the right place. Some systems even have a touch-free facial verification to guarantee remote worker identity.

At the end of the week, you can analyze and verify employee timesheets. It only takes a number of minutes to verify total hours and export sheets to your payroll software. 

Instant Communication Channels

Instant communication channels are essential tools for startups to manage their teams of remote workers. With instant communication applications installed, you can constantly stay in touch with your remote workers.

These communication channels provide a simple to use, informal environment to ask employees questions, set priorities, or arrange meetings.

When you manage teams of remote employees, internal communication is essential. Your channels of internal communication are the direct points of contacts between you and your team.

When not monitored, communication is one of the first aspects of remote team management to suffer. For this reason, it is essential to improve business communication. In order to avoid this issue entirely, install reputable communication channels to manage your remote teams. 

File Sharing Systems

You can additionally use file sharing systems to share documents amongst your remote worker team. Remote team members need to constantly request and distribute large files.

Many of these files are too large to be sent through traditional email accounts. Simultaneously, the constant distribution of files across multiple email channels can quickly get confusing.

File sharing systems provide a centralized, organized location to upload all of your files to. This ensures that you and all of your employees can access important files whenever needed.

At the same time, these systems improve the security around your sensitive documents.

Reputable file sharing platforms add additional protected layers to ensure your files are not compromised due to a digital attack. Consider file sharing systems to effectively manage your team of remote workers. 

Employee Rewards Tools

Employee rewards tools additionally help startup business owners manage teams of remote workers. As any business owner will tell you, frequent employee rewards are essential.

Providing incentives recognizes your team members for their hard work, while simultaneously showing them you care. Rewards tools allow you to structure customized incentive programs to provide your remote workers with a creative set of benefits.

Once employees reach specific performance metrics, sales figures, or company anniversaries, you will automatically receive a notification. With this, you can automatically distributed a pre-determined incentive to reward remote workers for extraordinary efforts.

Consider employee rewards platforms in order to manage startup, remote teams.

There are several digital tools that help startups manage remote teams. Online meeting software is essential to video chat, audio call, or screen share with remote team members.

Time tracking apps help you monitor employee whereabouts and track work-life balance. Utilize instant communication channels to constantly stay in touch with your team members.

File sharing systems help you share large file sizes with your entire remote team. Furthermore, consider employee rewards tools to constantly incentivize remote workers.

Consider the points mentioned above to learn about the digital tools that help startups manage remote teams. 

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