How to Make Your Startup Visible

Startup businesses seek growth and recognition in a world already saturated with companies competing against one another for the love and loyalty of a common target demographic. 

Even long standing companies find themselves rebranding to stay relevant and competitive in the market – so what does that mean for new businesses? Your brand needs to be seen to stand out — and to be seen, you need to market yourself strategically and put money into the right aspects of your business.

It’s not easy, but by putting your time and effort into certain aspects of your business, you can help make your startup visible to target communities.

Have a Killer Pitch Deck

You can’t succeed as a startup without a killer pitch deck – how else are you going to appeal to investors and leads? 

Your pitch deck is what sells your business to not only investors but potential customers and clients. The thing about a pitch deck is that, if done right, it can be gripping, engaging, and an effective calling card for your business. The thing is, however, how can you ensure your pitch deck has all the right elements?

Fortunately, the startup industry has access to modern marketing professionals like the presentation design experts at Stinson Design who can help you create a pitch deck.

Interact on Social Media

There’s that buzz word – social media. Having social media accounts isn’t enough to get your startup off its feet anymore. Make your startup visible by using social media the way it is supposed to be used – by being interactive. 

Follow influencers and competitors in your space. Don’t just be a passive user, interact with the community and implement what you learn from others. Comment on others content and take notes – host contests, post relatable content do it all.

You want to be on the feed of potential leads, and the only way to do that is to immerse yourself in the online community you are targeting.

Encourage Media Coverage

A shout out from an established brand or publication can do wonders for increasing awareness of your brand. Reach out to publications for media coverage, offer interviews – be your own publicist. Help others spread the word by putting yourself out there. Be present at industry events because chances are, there will be press there. 

Let Your Customers Do the Work

Chances are, you are already putting a lot of time and effort into your startup brand – why not get someone else to do some of your marketing? After all, Entrepreneur explains that the biggest problem startups face is having limited working capital for marketing efforts. 

Fortunately, word of mouth (or, more relevantly, social shares) works wonders for spreading the word about a business. The best part? It doesn’t cost nearly as much as outbound marketing efforts!

Word of mouth is one of the oldest business models, and the reality is that social sharing has the same effect on your business. 

The only difference is that now, if you can get a customer to talk about your brand or share its content online, your brand gets seen by hundreds of their closest friends. 

Create quality content and share it among your friends, family, acquaintances so they can pay it forward.

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