Rustam Gilfanov: Can Startups Defeat Age?

Rustam Gilfanov, a co-founder of an international IT company and investor, looks into the future at the request of the editor’s office and talks about whether “the eternal youth” is real. 

“The cult of the eternal youth hasn’t stopped to excite the minds of mankind since its birth. Just recall Cleopatra with her milk baths or the heroes of Hollywood films like Death to Her Face.

And if the eternal life used to be something from the science fiction before, today it is for technological startups to decide in this direction”, Rustam Gilfanov says. 

According to experts, the global market of the anti-aging goods and services is about $ 200 billion. A modern human being has not changed – he still desires for youth, beauty, and health like his ancestors. But is it possible to avoid aging?

On the whole, there are two diverse positions. According to the first one, aging is a programmed process, it cannot be avoided, but only delayed for a short time.

According to the second one, aging is a disease that can be prevented. If we consider it literally, the process of rejuvenation is to clean the body from the old cells. But no one has ever seen people living forever. 

According to experts, genetics is the basis of longevity. That is why scientific developments are directed to this area on a priority basis. New startups that develop innovative methods to defeat aging regularly appear on the market.

Some of them really promise to help everyone to overcome the 120th anniversary.

For example, Stanford University is conducting clinical research to find out whether injections of children’s plasma can help patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

Scientists also focus on stem cells, senolytic drugs, products that stimulate regeneration processes, and innovative organ regeneration technologies. 

“Global digitalization is changing the health standards. Aging has ceased to be something fatal, now it is really possible to turn the “time back” and prolong youth. Analyzing the experience of the international startups, I can say that the search and analysis of aging biomarkers as well as the direct search for medicines, is relevant now”, Gilfanov says. 

It’s a fact that startups intend to extend the life of mankind. Today, the longevity industry is not associated with alchemy, but with innovative biotechnology.

The dreams of a world where people live twice as long and rarely die from age-related diseases gradually become a reality. Of course, the investments in such projects are very risky, but they are also super important for the development of the science of longevity. 

Brief CV 

Rustam Gilfanov is a co-founder of an IT company, an IT businessman, and an international investor. 

Rustam Gilfanov was born on January 6, 1983, in a small village of Basim, Perm Region, to a military man and a teacher. 

In 2006, Rustam Gilfanov, together with partners, opened an international outsourcing IT company in Kiev. Today, this company is the largest developer of software for the gaming industry, marketing, and finance. 

A few years ago, Gilfanov withdrew from operating activities in IT companies to engage in international investments in progressive IT projects in the area of financial technology, gaming, and video streaming.

It’s also important for Rustam Gilfanov to develop charitable projects in Ukraine, the largest of which are LakiBuks and Biblioteks Maybutnogo. 

Rustam Gilfanov is married and has a daughter.