Tips for New Start-up Businesses for Online Entrepreneurs

Starting out as an online entrepreneur is not easy, but there are a few niche areas where you can build up an online presence for your start-up.

Now you may see quite a few ads out there that promote the chance to earn hundreds per day just by signing up to a course.

Many of those ads try to make out that you will become an overnight success, however, the reality for most online entrepreneurs is that it will take time to make a good living off the Web.

That said, some people do build a business quickly, but this is down to knowledge, hard work, and a little luck along the way.

In this guide we look at 2 online start-ups thriving today:

Sports Betting Website Start-ups

If you have a nice-looking website and a particularly good content writer, you could find a way into the sports news niche, which comes with quite a few notable benefits.

Some people tend to go directly into online casinos when they target the online gambling industry, but there is a much higher chance of success in sports. This is mostly because sport has such a vast audience.

For example, not many people will understand what a slot is or know how to play blackjack. On the other hand, if your website covers, tennis, football, US sports, women’s sports, and so on then there is a higher chance of capturing an audience.

Effectively an audience means traffic to your website, and in turn, that traffic means exposure for advertising.

Advertising on a sports website could include sports betting deals because many people that watch sports tend to enjoy betting on their favourite teams. Sometimes people just like to bet on the major horse racing events such as the Grand National or Ascott.

You can see an example of some of the deals websites advertise on a site that specializes in this niche which is

When people sign up, your website earns a commission. Some people call this a ‘passive income ‘, but truthfully these sites earning commissions from sports betting website sign-ups are hard at work, and their work never stops.

They’re constantly giving their readers interesting content in order to grow their readership, which invariably means a wider audience to expose advertising.

  • Build a sports niche blog or website
  • Wide reach as there is huge number of sports fans
  • As your website gains an audience, you can advertise
  • Sports bet sign ups are a great way to earn commission

SaaS Marketplaces For Online Start-ups

Although SaaS marketplaces are congested with sellers these days, they are a great way to get business online. There are tons of websites that offer you the chance to sign up and offer a specialised service.

You could offer writing services and help people with their sports news and betting websites, which would give you experience on how to build your own website in this niche.

In fact, you could sell just about any skill on a SaaS platform designed for freelancers.

Online accountant, email marketing, business start-up consultant, graphic designer, computer engineer, software developer, mobile development, website designer, customer support agent, and much more.

Many of the jobs you can land are faceless positions whereby all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

With so many faceless jobs out there, you should have no problems starting an online freelance start-up business via a SaaS platform with some time and dedication.

As an online entrepreneur, you can apply for small jobs that are looking for people with no experience but quality work at an affordable price. Once you get your first gig and receive feedback for the work that you do, applying for work that offers a higher rate becomes easier.

  • Use SaaS to begin your own online freelance start-up
  • Apply for work online jobs and work from anywhere
  • Gain feedback and build up your earnings
  • Offer quality services and earn positive feedback