Declining Divorce Rates

With the rise of the new generation of millennials, several trends changed in the past fifteen years. Markets such as housing and marketing reported a loss of clients and money. One more significant thing that happened is the declining rate of divorces. One reason for it is overall fewer marriages, to begin with. But the most important one is that young people don’t want to go through a divorce. 

What does this mean for the future? As millennials are shaking up many things, many people are worried about the future. However, the decline in divorce seems like a good thing. Millennials grew up watching the previous generation struggle through marriage, perhaps this is why so many are waiting to tie the knot until they are sure they want to stick with it for the long term. 

Divorce Is Messy

When we talk about people who are married, but without children or shared assets, getting a divorce is usually simple to do. But what happens if you have more? Then it becomes a little more complicated. That is when you need to get lawyers involved.

Law practices practice family law and have been affected by the new situation. We can not say that it’s a good thing to get divorced, but when you make a living out of it, it really can make your business rise or fall. So if you do choose to go through with it, make sure to talk to the experts first before making any rushed decisions.

The Impact on The Economy 

No one wants to consider that there is money to be made off divorce when they’re busy diving up their furniture they bought from Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture, but the simple truth is that there is. But that’s not the only significant change in the economics around millennials and marriage. Because this generation is choosing not to tie the knot many are suspecting that there may be a not too small impact around the wedding industry. 

There is also a rise in the DIY wedding and getting married on the cheap. The economy hasn’t been favorable to millennials, and as a consequence they aren’t paying back in many sectors. Perhaps this is a good thing, the changes may be impacting individuals now, but in the future things may level off. 

Who Gets What?

So you’ve been married for a while now. You are both working and have made some common assets in your relationship. Then, the relationship comes to an end. How do you decide about sharing your things and who will get what? It all depends on the two of you. If a divorce is agreed on, then dividing properties should be simple. There are a few common-sense rules that you should follow. 

But if you are ending on bad terms, things may get complicated. Millennials are trying to avoid what they watched their parents go through; a fight for property and children. Many of the new generation have decided to start their lives and skip the marriage step all together. The backlash of the high divorce rates of the 80’s has brought forth a new way of thinking about what marriage is and when it fits into the timeline of life.

Think One More Time

Before many millennials decide on divorce, they think about everything again and explore the pros and cons. Once you start the process, it is possible to stop it, but the question is will the other side be willing to do so as well. If their feelings are hurt, it is unlikely they will agree to it. Besides the emotional part, there are also legal troubles you may encounter if you want to reconcile.

That is why it is crucial that you are absolutely positive, that is what you want. Since people tend to be very proud and stubborn, they may not be going back. The law has changed and before you were to prove a stable reason for divorce, such as infidelity or domestic abuse. But now, you can get out only because you want to. 

The younger generations are also talking about what will happen in the event of a divorce before they actually get married. This means that the communication and understanding is there long before it is necessary. This is a great way to make sure if the relationship ends it can end more harmoniously.

Conclusion Whether you are in a legal marriage or in a domestic partnership, choosing to end can be difficult. But as divorce rates are declining, it is possible that there is a great deal of hope for new generations of newlyweds. If this trend continues to grow, we may see an enormous change in lives and society in the next twenty years.