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5 Biggest Northern Ohio Business Success Stories

Ohio is home to many successful businesses ranging from breweries to tire shops. In fact, Northern Ohio is listed as one of the best places to live if you want to start a business. Small business success in the state is attributed to a flourishing community and the small business builder program. Here are five success stories for entrepreneurs wanting to make it in Ohio.

K & J Web Design

Founder Kris Jones was working on an unrelated project when he started learning web design. Eventually, Kris became more proficient in web design so people began soliciting him for his services. He partnered with a friend and reached out to the Small Business Development Center in Ohio which worked with them to develop a business plan. K & J Web Design provides high-quality web design solutions, search engine optimization, consulting, and social media management to businesses and nonprofits.

CLGT Solutions

Although they primarily support the private sector, CLGT Solutions has 60 years of experience providing language and intelligence services, staffing augmentation, and support and training. In 2010, the business reached out to the Small Business Development Center in Ohio and worked with staff members to restructure CLGT Solutions’ vision, value, and commitment statement.

Since then, CLGT has continued to provide professional services to customers worldwide. With so many credit services available to support small businesses, doing business overseas has gotten easier.

Red Wine and Brew

The founders of Red Wine and Brew, Sam Shah and Dr. Chetan Patel, set their sights big and took a small business concept and expanded it with the help of the Mentor Economic Assistance Corporation. As a result, the founders were able to secure financing and built a 16,000-square-foot facility which is now home to one of the largest beer and wine selections in Ohio. In fact, the new facility offers over 9,000 fine wines and over 2,000 domestic, imported, and crafted beer selections.

Brown’s Tire Sales, LLC

This family-owned business has operated in Columbus, Ohio for more than 30 years. Tommy Brown started Brown’s Tire Sales in his father’s garage and has since then handed it down to his wife and son. At one point, the tire shop was in danger of being shut down due to code violations so the mother and son team reached out to the Small Business Development Center which worked with the local zoning department to successfully address the zoning issues. Today, the business continues to thrive and is committed to providing new and quality used tires.

Runyon and Sons Roofing

This roofing company is run by a father and his sons. The father, Mr. Runyon, reached out to Mentor Economic Assistance Corporation and with their help was able to buy a computerized metal folder. That new technology gave the company the ability to lower costs and increase their turnaround. Runyon and Sons Roofing is the winner of the 2016 2-Star GAF Material’s Corporation MASTER SELECT award which is awarded to a contractor who demonstrates superior roof installation.

If you’re serious about being an entrepreneur, just remember that there are many organizations available to help you achieve your goals. You too can one day have a success story to share!

  • The story of K & J Web design is really an inspiration
    I know how difficult it can be to switch from a totally unrelated field into programming. I had always wanted to be a programmer but the distractions I get from my current job is a big set back. Can anyone advice me on what to do ?