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CDT Q&A 7: bear prep, Chinese Wall, off-trail exercise, sleep system, toes, etc.

Hey y’all! Whenever I take a zero I try to do a Live Q&A on Patreon that usually lasts 1.5 to 2 hours. Sometimes we edit them down afterwards and post some of the questions on here in case some of y’all who aren’t on Patreon have some of the same questions. These questions are from a Q&A in Lincoln, MT, and I hope y’all find the information here useful/interesting! Here are all the topics/questions discussed and the time stamps, so go through and find something that interests you!

00:10 When you get to the Bob Marshall Wilderness will you go to the Chinese wall?
01:46 How much does your bear spray weigh?
02:47 How do you store your food in bear country?
06:20 Did you buy or rent your bear canister?
07:07 How are your toes after the surgery?
07:41 Trekking Poles
09:54 Has your plantar fasciitis completely healed?
11:21 Have you worn the same pack for the entire thru-hike?
15:15 What is scarier, a grizzly bear or a mountain lion?
16:02 How do you like your sleep system?
20:33 Are you feeling run-down?
22:33 What’s the protocol for snorers on the AT?
24:23 What is the most exhausting thing mentally to you on the trail?
26:57 Do your legs ever adjust to long distance backpacking?
28:04 Do you exercise off trail?
29:27 What sections would you recommend on the AT, PCT, and CDT?
30:21 How have water sources been?

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