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The First Post on Feedster – A New Beginning

This is the first post on feedster. It was originally written in 2015. The day that Will Robins turned Feedster into a blog. The post is updated at least once a year and has become a “track record” for what the focus of feedster is for that year. (This forward was written in 2018)

It is my honor and privilege to post the first post on Feedster.

While I can’t find any reason that anything I am writing would be “Epic.” I don’t have a following that will “chirp” this out and gain a massive amount of traffic and go viral. I feel a comfort in knowing that it will be at the bottom of this site forever.

First Post History Lessons:

That is very satisfying as we are finally getting through beta. This project and its development (finding the right site, building the right team, coding… coding…. coding…) has been a great experience, and we are blessed for growing this website into what it already is. Right now it is just a website that looks about half built and has a ton of “Lorem Ipsum” placeholders all over the place. The back-end should have a piece of duck tape across the top as we have strapped and bootstrapped this site together to make it function efficiently.

Here is a view of the front page – Really for later as it will change as we grow etc…

First Picture of Feedster
Feedster September 11, 2015

Future For This First Post:

So now what? We have to find some great writers that will attract readers and grow this site with grassroots style promotion.

While we are a great team, we are a small team that plans on tackling this site as a work of passion. We all want to be part of an extensive website and realize that this opportunity is fantastic!

We are looking for writers – If you want to write for us, then please get in contact with us – We will have forms etc… as the site continues to grow we may have taken them off so I want to let you know that you can always reach us at our business website. See any of the sites below to get in touch with one of the leading editors of this section.

Will Robins – Super Admin

will (@)

Content HOW or

Who Is First Post Additions

I am Will Robins – I just know marketing. Through retail distribution and product brokering to website and online marketing, I love to market. I love-making the strategy and see it coming to fruition. This first post is just to mark a date and a time in history for me. I want to look back at this annually and see how far the site has come.

While making the first post seems super cool, It really does nothing. That is the main thing I have learned through years. Execution is not the beginning of something. Execution is the follow through of a plan. That means that you have to have the plan first. Often for us mere humans, that is next to impossible.

What The Hell Do You Want From ME?

(I say we… speaking for me and my team. These should all say I – meaning me, Will Robins)

We see too many things that attract us.

Too many distractions.

We often call these opportunities, called ideas that are draining our time and resources. Execution…

We need to look at “executing” daily. Not new… Pro. Go Pro in what you are focusing on. Then look at the next 1 thing you are going to “go Pro” in.

Pro’s do the same thing even if they are a Pro at it. They make Pro Money.

Musicians sing the same songs for 30 years. Professionals.

Basketball players shoot the same shots for 20 years. Professionals.

Tell the story of the reader. Guide them. Be a Professional.

Leading to Going Pro On the First Post

The first post on a site with as much power as this one really has me pumped but anxious. I guess thinking through the various people who could possibly see it has me self-conscious.

I hope you enjoy the site and that this post is quickly buried by the overwhelming response the site grabs from the media and everyone else.

(2018)Later Notes Added to First Post

So I wrote a lot of the above before 2015. I edited it once in 2016 and 2017. Then I just added the lower portion of going pro in 2018.

I can truly tell you that the biggest lesson I have learned comes from staring at the post we are on right now. Reading my own excitement. Knowing the “thinking” I had and I know the results. Realizing the lackluster care that Feedster has truly gotten.

SEO got RankBrained. Content Marketing is Crushing it. I knew both of these “in theory” back on the day I originally wrote this post.

So What The Hell Happened? Great Question… Front Of feedster 2018

What Did I learn? 1700 Posts Later?

  • That going Pro in something means focusing.
  • There were team members mentioned in this post that are no longer around. Some of them not heard from since this post almost.
  • There is always a beginning. That doesn’t mean there is a story. That doesn’t mean there is an ending. It also doesn’t mean there is a success.
  • Focusing on the people you want to serve is more important than SEO, Value of a site, and or brands/names.
  • New Years Resolutions need a “Staple” or something to hold you to them.
  • Time is what you make of it. Take a focus pill or focus on your own. Either way, you have to complete the task in order to see results.
  • Results don’t mean good results. Many times think of it as feedback instead of results. It helps your “ego.”

Words sell. People Relate. Stories Convert.

As we make some drastic changes and pour a lot of attention into this year. I hope to talk to you and get to know you. Looking forward to finding more and more things that you enjoy me sharing with you. I crave feedback. So please offer feedback often.

My focus this year is growing feedster. That comes from serving you.

Thank you for visiting and we thrive on feedback. Please let us know anything by Contacting Feedster and Will Robins

Feedster Goals For 2018:

  1. Editor Process Established
  2. Interviews With  Influencers For Real Stories
  3. Maintain Focus on Email Subscribers – List of 5k
  4. Resources Page Like Pat Flynn
  5. Focus on Entrepreneurs and Their Story
  6. Give Back To The Community – Guide Them With What All You Know
  7. Make Content Club A Super Powerful Thing!

We look forward to meeting and hearing from each of you.

  • This is a cool way to remember the site. You are really cute also. I look forward to reading more of what you write.

  • What a great lesson. I guess you got better with each post you made and I totally agree on focusing on the people you want to serve.

  • It is amazing when you look back. I started a blog in 2014 and my first post not only showed me how much I have grown as a writer but how much my site has grown as well. I am really enjoying this blog and have already bookmarked it and will sign up for the notifications. Keep up the amazing work. People are drawn together by relatable content that drives them in life!

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