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Jay Z Taught A Significant Lesson About Content Marketing (Can't Miss)

Jay Z is an academy award winning rapper. While content marketing may not seem in his repertoire, surprise, Jay Z is terrific at it. The most significant piece of this entire story is the story. I wrote this from my perspective. The goal is that you find some golden nuggets to apply to your business.

Setting The Stage For Jay Z Content Marketing

First, let me explain what was going on. I had started the blog on feedster. I had also grown a small following writing in various other places. The problems I faced were results based. I was not getting the results I had wanted when I started the journey. I wanted SEO traffic that pushed Feedster’s value to above 6 figures.
Knowing the results in itself is a crucial moment. Realizing you are heading somewhere, you don’t want to go leaves you with choices. I talk to so many people that are just stuck on the journey. They are not navigating their path.

Scene 1: Jay Z Speaks Content Marketing?

So I am sitting on my couch trying to understand a method I was putting together. Like a mad scientist trying to perfect someone else’s work, I was missing something. I had taken a ton of time and resources to get to this point. I knew so much but still knew I was missing a big piece. That is where Jay Z comes in. Now let’s get to the story more:

Christmas Holidays 2017 – Staring Into The Abyss

Sitting there looking at I knew we had to do something different. Our traffic was not focused. We ranked for weird terms like “I’ll make you famous.” This was traffic. It did nothing for the site or for growing anything. It was “traffic,” and that was an original goal. Written proudly and so stupidly, get traffic to feedster. Man how little I knew.
You can see some of my first goals and new goals on the first post on a blog on feedster.
Somewhere in the last three to four years, I had gotten lost in the creation of feedster. I was bound and determined to right the ship.
To be successful in content marketing through feedster I would have to learn a different style. I was going to have to put my content marketing into overdrive. First I needed to learn some lessons. I was way off course from where I first started. How do I correct course?

How Do You Correct Epic Mistakes That Have Gone On For Long Periods Of Time?

Staring at traffic that doesn’t matter and over 1,700 articles I had some decisions to make. I knew a few of the decisions. Some of them I was yet to learn. Decisions can only be made when you lay out the choices. This is such a critical moment for every entrepreneur.
Unlike movies or books, real life doesn’t show you the choices. You have to uncover them. You have to realize you are making a decision. Often it is to continue or stop. That was not the option in my mind. It was how to proceed. Which path to choose. I knew I wanted to produce great content on feedster. I just didn’t have a clue about for who, yet.
That brings me to this interview with Jay Z.

I was sitting there having done almost a year of pure research, and it hit me. Jay Z knew more about content marketing than I did.
That’s it. I had the moment, the secret, and the charisma to begin immediately.
Let me break down the epiphany I had watching that Jay Z interview.
Our new post format was going live in a few weeks. Feedster is changing the “front” of our site and focusing on our core audience. Our content marketing would be focused on stories.
This comes after an intense study and reflection period. We chose a core audience. We focused on surveying and understanding them, at a deeper level than ever before.
We wanted to grab attention, but we also wanted to make a difference. That meant we had to start having and casting a vision. Not writing because we had to write. We needed sincerity and heart.

Content Is King, Distribution Is Queen, But Who Is God?

Everyone yells that content is king. Distribution of that content is queen.
I get that.
I don’t get why it took me so long to understand another level of it.
While content may be king, you can’t do anything without God. God is His church or His people. Everything is about other people. Everything from the Golden Rule to the reason He sent Jesus.
Content Marketing is all about the people you are serving. That’s it. Marketing through content for people. The general idea seems so easy. Much like a magicians trick. Everything is easy once you know the ending. Once you see the story unfold it seems simple. While you are there though, it seems impossible.

Jay Z Showed Me Content Marketing Through Focusing On…

The Jay Z interview seemed cool. I follow Dean Baquet now because of it. The deepness and heart of the discussion left me in awe. That conversation with Jay Z was so intellectual. It was so well thought out to be spontaneous.
Jay Z was obviously someone that was well thought. He has soul. He has depth. He also saw things from a different set of lenses than I did.
The moment I got “it” during the interview was when he talked about community. He spoke about OJ Simpson. Jay Z was asked what he would say to OJ. Jay Z answered that he would remind OJ that OJ comes from a community. You can’t just be done with that.
I encourage you to watch the interview. It is rich with depth. It is not a “promote my album or song” type of meeting.
Yet, it was.
That was the secret. Jay Z knew his real audience. He knew he came from a community. That was why he could remind OJ.

What Was That Aha Moment During The Jay Z Interview?

Very specifically, it was the entire interview. I got a glimpse of the depth and love that Jay Z had. Jay Z was content marketing in the conversation as the whole. He was promoting a message. It didn’t feel like it because he was not “selling.”
He didn’t have to sell to further his audience. Jay Z was content marketing by just talking. He was sharing. Sharing his experience and emotions of the experiences. That was truly beautiful content marketing. It wasn’t forced.
Jay Z had learned. Content is king. He had learned that distribution was queen. His albums and label are widely distributed. More critical he had discovered who the God of content was.

Focusing on the audience is God. Content is King. Distribution is Queen.

Jay Z was content marketing by focusing on his people. His church. He was “doing” the interview but already had his message. His depth is why we love his art. It is rich with his perspective on what is going on.
Now it was time to apply what I had learned.

Feedster Needs To Redecorate Because Of Jay Z

We went through a few phases of articles and “stuff” online here at feedster. We have been a “feed.” We have been viral. We have done random articles from contributors. We have followed.
Now I wanted to stand out. I want Feedster to lead. Not feedster itself but The Feedster Community. We could embrace the content marketing that feedster focuses on. We could learn from others. We could walk the path together. Time to change directions.
Feedster is now a place for entrepreneurs to share, collect, and feed. The new signature posts are going to be the embracing of that.

The New “Featured” Signature Posts From Feedster

Our philosophy comes down to seven parts. You can watch that in the Feedster Strategy Video.
I break down specifics behind our creation and changes. The concept behind Feedster and the community behind it.

  • The architecture behind it
  • What it takes to make it happen
  • How you can help
  • What you get from it

The Architecture Behind Feedsters New Featured Posts

I found myself casually browsing the internet with a purpose. That was where it all started. I wasn’t looking for something, but I was looking for something. It was more like I was digging hoping something would inspire me.
I didn’t even know what words to use really. Have you ever searched for something hoping Google will lead you? You don’t see the keywords you need to “Google” so you begin browsing.
How do you research something that you don’t know how to put into words?

What I Was Searching For Was… Jay Z?

I wanted a format, a real example, and or a template. I tried to make the front of feedster be something that everyone “had” to read. The talk of the town type of content.
I love actionable guides, but they feel like “noise” at this point. My love for them is there, but I don’t “Like” them anymore. Feedster needed something different. Content marketing aside, I needed a focus.
So, like every desperate person does. I started watching Youtube. Randomly entering terms to see what came up and finding videos. I figured there would be some editor or large site that sold a course for my problem.
The real problem I had is that I didn’t have a definition for it.

Feedster Needed “It” So I Defined This:

  • I had a desire for posts that got traffic
  • I wanted the traffic to be entrepreneurs
  • I wanted the post to speak to entrepreneurs
  • I wanted to create a style guide so that everything on Feedster was built under my new idea
  • I wanted all staff and guest post to follow the style guide so that we could focus on helping our new core audience
  • I needed to define what “it” was

I was stuck.
I wanted to push forward and make a plan for content marketing via feedster. This felt terrible.
I remember the moments before finding that Jay Z interview. They still feel suffocating. It was “like knowing what air was but not yet knowing how to breathe it.”

Redesign, Reenvision, And Reimagine Goals

That “it” was going to be our uniqueness. Feedster’s “it factor” was going to be about stories.
See my search ended me up on the Jay Z interview.

New York Times Style Guide Interview With Jay Z

That interview was not about “his hits.” It wasn’t about how he made the music itself. It was not the external beats. It wasn’t how he came up with the rhymes.
The interview dove into the internal dialogue. The “real” moments.
That was amazing for me. I had recently read the Kevin Hart book. That book was another “real” story.
Even more was the fact that Kevin Hart’s guide told him that his comedy was better when he shared “real” moments. Not when he made stuff up. It was about the realness of his moments.

How Feedster Is Focusing On Real

These real interviews and books inspired me. Just like this story. I was no longer going to focus on “guides.” I was no longer going to focus on articles that are just noise.
We would find real problems. Real “stuff” people are going through. I wanted to uncover the emotional moments that we all go through while on our path. I saw the journey as the common ingredient. It was not defining us. It was just footsteps. We were all walking. Different paces and from various points.
We can all cherish the moments we had went through before. We could look starry eyed at moments we had not yet encountered. We could feel the pain and joy of current moments.

Survey My New Audience – Focus On The People

Here are a few that we are starting out with:

  1. How Did You Find Your Audience?
  2. How Did You Copy Write Your Website?
  3. What Was Your Biggest AHA Moment Around Your Business?
  4. What Was The Most Depressing Day Around Your Business?
  5. How Did You Design Your Website?
  6. How Many Times Have You Redesigned Your Website?
  7. What Made The Biggest Impact On Conversions Around Your Website?

While these are problems and questions they are not quite enough. The more profound context of that conversation will take some back and forth. Some real moments about their business and life are in the interview and quotes. If I was going to do this I had to gain access to great discussions. I also had to become a great interviewer.
We are looking for those “moments” that defined your business.
I keep using moments because I feel like they are snapshots. Your life flashes before your eyes, did you see that moment? If not, then we may not want to share that one. Moments is my internal dialogue of “real.”

What Feedster Expects From Keeping It Real

While the articles will just be enjoyable to read, I expect that many of us are going through the same problems. That’s when it hit me to run the surveys.
To tap into you, we needed to get your feedback. That meant that we needed to find a way to communicate with you. This drew me back to the Ask Method. A book and course I had taken recently.
I could take “deep dive” surveys and find the most significant struggles that you were facing.
Then discover people that were in that same battle.
Find people that had walked a similar path.
Find people that have not encountered the fight yet.
Interview them and capture it on feedster.

Goals Of Featured Posts On Feedster

Feedster has a great deal of traffic as well as SEO value. My goal is to leverage those two factors and get influencers to accept the interviews.
I also think it feels good to share. The interview with Jay Z said, “What you reveal, you can heal.”
That is what the feedster featured stories are going to be about. Revelations. Revealing. Healing.
While I correct the course of feedster by defining the core audience, I have to grow. Grow as a person and the site itself. I am diving deep into an emotional journey of entrepreneurship. This is an emotion-filled rollercoaster. I have to break apart my downfalls to showcase better examples for you.
Join us on the rollercoaster and listen as we talk through that journey.

Jay Z, Content Marketing, Making A New Feedster

While this journey is just beginning, 1,700 articles later, I still feel like we have a small site. We are going through old articles and correcting them to match our audience.
We are also making new and better categories. New style guides and just a better experience.
We are not there yet, but the journey is the best path.

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