StrongBox Is Now Celebrating Their 15th Year In Doing Industrial Equipment Leasing

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StrongBox Leasing recently announced that the company is currently celebrating 15 years of being in business. This company specializes in leasing out industrial equipment to enterprise and big businesses in many of the world’s growth markets. Three individuals originally launched the company as equal partners, but now the network has grown to include more than four dozen partners, sales reps, and employees.

Current estimates put the business of leasing and renting industrial equipment as a trillion dollar global market. Research indicates that this market has been growing rapidly for the last half-decade, being driven by companies who don’t have enough capital to purchase outright and equipment purchase costs being really high even for those that can afford them. Other factors driving the growth include general economic uncertainty, construction, and growing infrastructure.

Companies around the world are looking to the tailored solutions that StrongBox Leasing offers in order to fit their ever-changing needs while their businesses continue to grow. The leasing solutions offered by StrongBox mean that there are affordable ways for businesses to get the things they need in order to handle large projects while not having to spend large amounts of capital on the equipment itself. StrongBox has an inventory that includes lift and compaction equipment, attachments, shipping and storage containers, construction vehicles, and premium earth movers, among money more options.

StrongBox is a leader in leasing industrial spaces, and the company caters to many industry verticals, including construction, oil and gas, mining, and more. The success of StrongBox draws from the lengthy experience their founders have in construction, engineering, and heavy equipment, as they formed this company with a vision of helping companies wanting to grow to have customized solutions. The team at StrongBox follows a certain set of carefully chosen core values, with the always ultimate goal being helping clients towards profitability and cost-efficiency. StrongBox believes in this approach, as it keeps clients returning for repeat business again and again.

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