If You Have a Boy or a Man In the House, You Need To Read This Moms Pee Instructions

Let’s be real and say that men don’t always have the best aim, and if you have young boys in the house, you know that it starts at a very young age. Giphy There’s nothing more disconcerting than stepping away with a damp sock or worse even though you remind them, “If you sprinkle when […]


This is What it’s Actually like Inside a Psychiatric Hospital

If you Google images for psychiatric hospital, you get the stereotypical pictures that show dark, cavernous hallways and things like you see in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest: padded walls and straight jackets handed out like electric shock treatments. But in reality, the two psychiatric hospitals Ive been in for depression, OCD, and an […]


The Best Comments Left by Old People to Food Chains.

One day, well be old and technology will go sailing right over our heads. But until that day, we can still enjoy the fact that an older generation is, understandably, struggling to make sense of the Internet, smartphones, and social media. They deserve HUGE credit for trying, and none of this is meant to be […]

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This Girl Was Disqualified From a Soccer Tournament for the Dumbest Reason.

Eight-year-old Milagros Mili Hernandez is kind of awesome. via: WOWT Shes been playing soccer since she was five, but was bumped up to a team full of eleven-year-olds after basically dominating girls her own age in Omaha. She also has a really short haircut, mostly because it just gets in the way of her game […]


Watch This Guy Basically Defy Physics and Dominate This Waterslide

Summer is finally here, which means a lot of people are looking to beat the heat at a waterpark. And naturally, there are waterslides at the waterpark, which is usually a non-story unless something kind of cool and/or weird goes down. That’s exactly what we have today, my friends, as you’re about to meet the […]

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A Melted Cat Face That You Should See

If there’s one thing I have zero tolerance for, it’s people who abuse animals in any way, shape, or form. What possesses them to hurt these innocent creatures is beyond my realm of comprehension. But what makes these stories slightly amazing is the way that those very same animals will once again put their trust […]


A Viral Post That’s Showing How Teen Girls May Be Abusive Without Even Realizing It

1 Recently, a Tumblr post has gone viral for a very interesting reason. A user on the social networking site has called out the hypocrisy of girls who might think that what they’re doing often common behavior, especially among kids isn’t abuse. Take a look at the eye-opening account. 2 Of course, yes, slapping or […]

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Cat Owner Leaves the funniest discriptions in a not to her cat-sitter.

When you’re in charge of looking after just one or two cats (or even kids)… via: Tumblr …you don’t need much help in distinguishing which is which. But if you’re in charge of several different animals, all with their own appearances and personalities, it helps to have a reference tool to keep them all straight. […]

At Work

First this Hero fights of Terrorists, then his friends troll him with this gift!

Your warning here is that you’re about to meet one badass dude, but also that you’re going to encounter a little bit of language. Trust me. It will totally make sense when you hear his story, so let’s start at the beginning. This is forty-seven-year-old Roy Larner, who was out in a pubnear London Bridge […]


35 Animal Fails That Are Absolutely Hilarious!

Paging throughthe Internet, I’ve learned somebeautifully hilarious little truths. One I love in particular? The fact thatwhen animals fail, they tend to do so rather gloriously. Animals are so silly, you guys. They are so earnestly dumbfounded so often and I will never be over it. Here are thirty-five of the web’s most gut-bustingly funny […]