Health and Wellness

"Leave the neighbourhood to heal as it chooses" says MP responding to Grenfell memorial design

The MP for Kensington, the London borough containing Grenfell Tower, has spoken out against a conceptual memorial, which she says would re-traumatise residents. Emma Dent Coad, who was elected as the Labour MP for Kensington in 2017, said she was horrified to see the concept from architecture studio JAA, which suggested encasing the burnt-out shell […]

Law And Order

Why Independent Contractors Need General Liability Insurance

A General Liability Insurance or also called Commercial General Liability Insurance, is a type of insurance that protects a business from another business or person’s claims of bodily injury and its associated medical costs, damage to property, personal injury, and lawsuits relating to these injuries. A General Liability Insurance can help pay for the the legal costs in the event of a lawsuit and medical expenses for bodily injuries.


Architect Turns Old Cement Factory Into His Home, And The Interior Will Take Your Breath Away

The factory, located just outside of Barcelona, was a WWI-era pollution machine that had closed down, and came with many repairs to be done when Ricardo Bofill and his team purchased it. After years of partial deconstruction, the determined architect proceeded to lace the exterior of the property with vegetation, and furnish the interior as […]