What Is A Fashion Designer?

Whenever you see the newest trends in style, you might want to thank a fashion designer for that. The hottest stars of each generation wear fabulous outfits with an excellent artist to thank, and fashion designers are constantly evolving their techniques to produce only the premier in the industry. If you want to be a […]


What Do Fashion Designers Do?

You may think fashion design is just all about the glitz and glamour. Well, why not? It’s how the media portrays it to be. Indeed, many of the people who attend fashion shows are on the list of who’s who in the entertainment industry and social circles. You’ll even spot a few politicos there. However, […]


Best Online Fashion Designing Courses

They say that proximity to the art cleanses our soul. For creative spirits wanting to be designers, fashion as an applied form of art brings more than just clarity. For them, fashion offers purpose—a will to live. Becoming the next Coco Chanel or Oscar de la Renta, however, isn’t overnight success. Becoming a true icon […]

House and Home

20 Minimal Home Office Design Ideas

Would you agree that the space you are working in affects your productivity as well? Of course, it does! Although people have different preferences when it comes to style specifics, everybody would attest to the fact that the way the desk is arranged, the amount of clutter on it, and even the décor that surrounds […]