The Basel Bomb Event from FlowerBombTV Is Setting a New Precedent in the Art Industry

Because of the way technology has changed the expectations of others, the art industry has been forced to adapt. Because people have such short attention spans, artists who would like to meet the expectations of the general public need to find a way to meet them. Instead of presenting art in a traditional gallery, artists […]

Play (Not At Work)

Beer with a Painter: Alfredo Gisholt 

Alfredo Gisholt, “Canto” (2107), oil on canvas, 72 x 84 inches (all images courtesy of the artist unless otherwise noted) Alfredo Gisholt seems relieved when I say he can just tell me stories; he doesn’t have to explain the work. He calls his paintings “pictures”; they are places where glimpses of experience and narratives congregate. […]


Guaranteed No Stress Artist Draws Disney Animals As Humans While Keeping Their Unique Personalities In Tact

Have you ever pondered how would some of the Disney characters would look like if they were human? Possibly, perhaps not, but rather artist s0alaina has given it a ton of thought. S0alaina has created a large number of Disney’s most notable animals as people, and the outcomes are quite great! S0alaina regularly wondered what […]