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4 Big Money Mistakes of First-Time Homebuyers

As you begin the process of searching for your first home, it helps to understand the financing process. Here are four common money-related mistakes made by first-time homebuyers and some tips to help avoid these pitfalls. 1. Over-Committing Your Spending Power Mortgage lenders often qualify potential buyers for home loans based on their debt-to-income ratio. This ratio does not take […]
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8 WTF Celebrity Appearances On Foreign Talk Shows

Late-night talk shows tend to be pretty boilerplate. First comes the opening monologue, then some light banter with the band leader, and eventually a celebrity comes on to tell amusing anecdotes they’ve clearly got memorized like it’s their cover story for infiltrating a gang. Someone’s album/movie/colonoscopy gets plugged and we can all go to bed. […]
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4 Events That Had Crazy Twists!

Pop culture history can be a little light on the “history” part. It’s understandable. A juicy story about some celebrity’s stupid diet or the latest obnoxious fad will always trump boring ol’ “accuracy and truth.” But if you revisit the “official” versions of a few of these cultural milestones, you might find a few very […]
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