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What brands will be earning money in the future

As anybody in business, you probably think about the future and what the next big thing is. What will steal the hearts of consumers? Who are going to be the winners? A massive change in retail and ecommerce is already underway thanks to the younger generation who no longer see big, long-standing incumbents as trustworthy […]
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5 Tips for Making Your Brand Stand out

Every company that strives to thrive in the oversaturated global market needs a meticulous branding plan. It should contain different strategies that will attract more customers to your brand. What is imperative here is to find a balance between traditional and innovative ways of branding. If your efforts are too conservative, you might not even get […]
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Branding: Are You Ready to Make an Effort?

When you are doing market research and approach, someone with a straight forward question like: “Would you buy our product and, if not, why?” and get the answer somewhere along the line of “Who the hell are you people?”, there is something very wrong with your marketing. Putting yourself on a map and engraving the […]
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