Best toys your cat will love.

You adore your furry little friend and what better way to show your cat that you care than buying it some stimulating toys. An easy way to keep your cat entertained is to purchase high-quality cat trees. A cat tree is a multi-level climbing toy that can serve many purposes. So instead of a buying […]

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A Melted Cat Face That You Should See

If there’s one thing I have zero tolerance for, it’s people who abuse animals in any way, shape, or form. What possesses them to hurt these innocent creatures is beyond my realm of comprehension. But what makes these stories slightly amazing is the way that those very same animals will once again put their trust […]


Darlings Stay Single Until You Meet Someone Exactly Like This

The Notebook Stay single until you meet someone you lights your soul on fire. A true pyromaniac. Someone who always has matches in their pocket. Someone who knows how to make sparks fly. Stay single until you meet someone who makes you feel comfortable. Someone you can always count on. You know, a human version […]


Welcome to The Cat House that saved over 24,000 cats

The Cat House on the Kings is California’s largest no-cage, no-kill, life time cat sanctuary and adoption center. Join us for a visit at this unique place. 1 Their mission is to place rescued cats into loving permanent homes, to provide unwanted cats a safe and happy home in a unique, no-cage facility and to […]


Batman asks Catwoman to marry him in new comic but honestly she can do better

This proposal is terrible, Bruce. Image: dc comics Looks like the ultimate brooding loner is looking to settle down. SEE ALSO: This Batman-themed pregnancy announcement is a geek couple’s dream Batman #24, out today, features Batman proposing to his longtime on-again,off-again love interest Catwoman. Fun! But honestly? She can do better. psst, Selena. Say no. […]


Do You Want To Set Your Hand On Fire? 6 Fun Science Tricks

Science is the exacting method by which man has wrested control of the elements from the cruel clutches of the universe. Experiment by experiment, we have slowly earned our mastery over the millennia. Until, at last, we have reached the present day. The modern day. The day when we were are — all of us […]


This Is What Makes The Babadook Such An LGBT Icon

When I first saw The Babadook, I wrote that the monster therein was, to my eyes at least, a metaphor for grief. What I apparently missed was that all that tapping and flapping of black wings in this masterful movie was a flying, swooping LGBT icon. Somehow this transformation of fortunes has taken place online, […]