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Baijiu 101 for Bartenders

Ming River Inc.’s chief marketing officer, Simon Dang, and educational director, Derek Sandhaus, sat down with Chilled for a Q&A about baijiu. Baijiu is a very popular spirit globally, but may be misunderstood here in the states. What do bartenders need to know about baijiu? Baijiu (pronounced “bye-j’yo”) means “white spirits” in Mandarin. It’s a […]

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Rabbit Hole Distillery Now Open to Public

Rabbit Hole Distillery, the most innovative distillery on Louisville’s urban bourbon trail, has officially opened its doors to the public, launching its comprehensive tour program and marking a new wave in American bourbon making and beverage tourism. Rabbit Hole Distillery Offering a progressive tour program matching their boundary-pushing spirits philosophy, the distillery’s tour takes visitors […]