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Baijiu 101 for Bartenders

Ming River Inc.’s chief marketing officer, Simon Dang, and educational director, Derek Sandhaus, sat down with Chilled for a Q&A about baijiu. Baijiu is a very popular spirit globally, but may be misunderstood here in the states. What do bartenders need to know about baijiu? Baijiu (pronounced “bye-j’yo”) means “white spirits” in Mandarin. It’s a […]


China’s New Law, One Dog Per Household!

Image: Shutterstock / dezi After China’s lifting of its longstanding one-child policy, it’s started to put in a one-dog policy. A couple of cities in China have introduced restrictions on dog ownership, allowing each household to only have one dog. SEE ALSO: China ending its one-child policy won’t change the sad reality for parents Qingdao, […]