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8 Tips for Creating Engaging B2B Content Users Will Actually Want to Read

When it comes to writing business to business (B2B) content, keeping it interesting can sometimes feel like a task. However, content creation is important to any business with an online presence to drive leads and create positive SEO value. With the right strategy in place, you can create content that brings value to readers, encouraging […]

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Influencer Marketing Examples and Strategies The Biggest Marketing Trend!

  Influencer marketing is the biggest social media marketing trend where the brands and companies influence their target audience using third parties. These third parties are influential personalities with a prominent online following. Brands and companies pay these online celebrities to promote their products. The products are usually advertised using original content and personal experiences […]

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Top 10 Tools to Create Fantastic Content

Blogging is one of the top marketing tools around today, which is why a website with no blog attracts fewer visitors and traffic than those that have one. However, if you want your blog to make a splash online, then you really have to pay attention to creating well-crafted content. Blogs are all about content, […]

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Categories vs. Tags: How Do I Use Them On My Blog?

If handled properly, WordPress can help you boost your online presence and/or promote your e-business through a simple-to-navigate blog that communicates your corporate philosophy and presents your offerings in optimal SEO light. By using categories and tags, you can group posted content into a logically organized database – but be careful! Categories and tags are […]