Health and Wellness

Dallas is saving $30 million by cutting down on the number of mentally ill people in prison, with help from a new predictive analytics tool

Stringer/Reuters HarrisLogic uses data to identify prisoners that require intensive treatment for mental illness.  The company’s analytics can predict who will return to prison within six months with a high degree of accuracy. By cutting back on treatment costs and recidivism, HarrisLogic has saved Dallas County $30 million over the course of four years.  The majority of America’s […]

Play (Not At Work)

Bellerive may not be a great PGA course but courses don’t define majors

Bellerive is wet, soggy, burnt-out, pedestrian, and designed by Robert Trent Jones. None of that will preclude a fun, awesome major championship in St. Louis — a city off golf’s beaten path. At some point, week-in, week-out golf fans got obsessed with grass. If that sounds patronizing, it’s not intended as such. There’s more available […]